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6 thoughts on “Pit Bulls and Doberman Break Through Fence, Attack Neighbor's Dogs

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  1. Offered to buy him a new dog? As if it was that simple! If those pit bulls had killed a child, would this moron offer to pay the adoption fees to just replace it with a new kid?

    The law needs to find its legs here. If I’m irresponsible with my deadly weapons, I face severe criminal and unlimited civil liability. It should be no different for those who own deadly weapons in the form of pit bulls.

    “Make the time match the crime.” Charge the owner of these dogs with breaking and entering, as well as felony animal cruelty. Owning a pit bull is no accident, and these people won’t get it until their crimes are punished with real justice.

  2. Excellent point…”Owning a pit bull is no accident”. In my experience, pit bull owners fall into two broad categories; malicious or stupid.

    Pit bull owners deserve no slack at all when their dog, quite predictably, does what it was bred to do. They are quick to fake remorse when something bad happens, but it’s all just crocodile tears. The Pit Bull community can’t have it both ways….you can’t claim that pit bulls are “just like any other dog”, then admonish the idiots who believed that line for being “irresponsible owners”.

    That’s the “pit bull conundrum”. The pro-pit community shoots itself in the foot by trying to convince the public that these dogs make great family pets, and that the “stigma” they have is undeserved. Their well-organized PR campaigns have worked; they have succeeded in convincing many people who are completely unequipped to deal with the breed, that a pit bull is the dog for them. When a tragedy happens,and the dog attacks a person or pet,these clueless owners cry that they “never saw it coming”. The pro-pit community then denounces them as “irresponssible owners”…..even though the owners were convinced by the pro-pit rescue angels that these dogs are non-aggressive, easy keepers.

  3. That was a great post. It’s amazing how fast pit bull owners turn on their own. Without any proof, a pit bull attack is always caused by the owner, never the dog. So what that amounts to is irresponsible dog owners are drawn to this breed more so than others or pit bulls are a greater risk than all other breeds when placed in the hands of an irresponsible owner. Either way, that’s a breed problem that needs to be dealt with in a breed specific way.

    And you are right – people either get these dogs for a reason or because they have been duped and misinformed by the very same people who advocate on their behalf.

  4. From time to time, a comment is submitted that is so telling of pit bull owners, I feel compelled to publish it. I have copied and pasted the entire comment, complete with misspellings:

    “Y’all don’t get it!

    This wasn’t a case of 200 years of selection via the fighting pit rearing it’s ugly was just dogs being dogs!

    The real victim here is the Pit Bull owner who will now bear the stigma from “breedist” neighbors who will see him as some type of dog killer.

    There are more important matters to attend to than fussing over a dead mere “cur”…. Up in New York the Pit Bull community has gathered nearly 1000 signatures to save Bear…a toddler sodomizing Pit Bull. When you have time please sign the petition at:

    It is very improtant to save Bear, since he is a member of the only breed that matters!”

    There you have it folks. The reason behind so many maulings and so little owner remorse. Our “curs” don’t matter.

  5. “It is very improtant to save Bear, since he is a member of the only breed that matters!”

    I can’t believe they actually came out and said it. This quote should be sent to every councilman of every town considering BSL to show them the type of people they are dealing with.

    I guess it’s not good enough to own a dog-aggressive dog anymore, now you need a dog that sodomized a young child. Terrific find Karen, although I just lost my appetite.

  6. FFS! If the dogs have the taste of blood their more likely to do it again!If it happens again it’s more likely to be a child- and even then i bet the owner wouldn’t have te dogs removed until forced

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