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10 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks Horse in Classic Bull Baiting Form

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  1. The ole Pit Bull Dine and Dash trick! At least the pit-perp didn’t hang around and give a phony name.

    It needs to be a felony to leave the scene of a mauling due to rabies issues and financial concerns.

  2. Meanwhile a NJ Humane Society chapter has a $1000 reward out for info on a perp that threw acid on a Pit bull.

    Yet we see numerous Pit Bull “dine and dash” operations on other animals in the news, and they are met with silence by the animal welfare community.

    I wonder if they suffer from kennel blindness or bear guilt from placing so many animal aggressive pit bulls.

  3. Worse than wrong! If anybody knows the owner, please come forward. Thank Goodness the dog wasn’t after the owner.. she couldn’t have fought him off. Who’s next? Somebody out there has got to know someone with a pit bull, 2 smaller dogs and a silver SUV.. I am glad Dandy is ok. But will probably never forget the dog attack!

  4. here is some more classic pit bull owner behavior:
    horses attacked in amarillo after a pit bull jumps a 6 ft fence. the pit owners say the horses injured themselves in the barb wire. EVEN if it was true (and i seriously that these ignorant hicks are capable of telling the truth) the horses would have only hurt themselves in barbed wire BECAUSE THEY WERE TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM THE PIT BULL!!!

    i am sure this dandi caused his own injuries too. he obviously missed the pit bull survival seminar about not making eye contact and standing like a tree.

  5. This kook is going to get caught! He better hope the police catch him before some pissed off ranchers do.

  6. in a perfect world…
    not vaccinating your dog for rabies – felony.
    dog attacks human or non-human animal – felony.
    leaving the scene of an attack – felony.

  7. To Colleen Lynn, Re: Auburn, CA. pit bull attacks. You should have mentioned to Gus Thomson of the Auburn Journal, that not only you believe this breed dangerous, but LIABILITY Insurance carriers do too. For my years my wife and I enjoyed seeing the country & staying in RV parks. They ALL excluded Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, & Doberman Breeds per the
    requirements of their insurance carriers. Why do you suppose this is done? Because they are prejudiced against these breeds, owners of these dogs say. I don’t think so. 1 word….LIABILITY..Signed,
    Bruce Basting, Cool, CA.

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