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8 thoughts on “Nominated: Most Pro-Mauling County in the US

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  1. Animal Control in New Hanover, NC reminds me of Animal Control in Knoxville,Tn.

    It leaves a citizen wondering what is AC job? I wish citizens would sue them for not doing their job. The lady that was attacked should sue both the dog owner and AC and force them to either do their job or give it up. With AC like this, citizens have to go arm for protection from dangerous dogs.

  2. Let’s get a list together, then we can vote on them:

    1.) Knoxville County, TN
    2.) Shelby County (Memphis), TN
    3.) New Hanover County, NC

    (In Memphis, after the dog broke through his fenced yard and attacked a person, the owner was not liable because the owner “tried” to contain his dog.)

  3. Why do I think that AC is actually someone in City Halls brother-in-law who couldn’t find a job anywhere else? A nice, cushy city job as an AC person, full benefits, healthcare, and a nice pension when you retire. Does anyone ask what qualifications you have to have to be the “dog catcher” in some of these towns?

    In my town, you don’t even need to be a certified vet tech…you take a course and get a certificate. A monkey could qualify easily. Yet we are constantly hearing quotes from AC personal from around the country as “experts”, who clearly know NOTHING about dogs, and possibly are pit bull owners themselves. The former AC person in my town didn’t even own a dog…she knew nothing at all about dogs or dog handling or training or breeds.

  4. The AC Person in my town told me she owned a pit bull and it was a wonderful dog. I was in there complaining that a pit bull had just killed my cat. I’d had “KC” for ten years.

  5. David, I think more than a few animal control people have pit bulls. Apparently this is how they go about proving they’re the ‘Dog Whisperer.’ (If only in their own weird fantasy.)

    In the real world, having a pit bull can be a deal breaker. People who own pit bulls typically have a history of making bad choices and tend towards bad judgment, as well as confrontational personalities, etc. Family and pets is something I like to explore in the chit-chat portion of an interview, and I certainly will exclude a potential hire for the ‘owns a pit bull’ fault.

  6. Many in the Animal Control fields come from the Animal Welfare community where they have been indoctrinated in the “it’s not the breed” PC silliness. How many times after a indefensable mauling do we see an AC rep reflexively spout “It’s the chihuahuas” koolaid drinking talking points.

    The only way this will change is for victims to win judgements against systematically negligent AC departments.

  7. I would like to add that, as a veteran of dog chat forums and message boards, most of the board moderators you will find are pit bull owners and/or breeders. It’s one more way to control public discourse. It really is uncanny how many of them own pit bulls, and thus control the conversations surrounding pit bulls and BSL.

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