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5 thoughts on “Firefighters in Gary, Indiana Caught up in Dogfighting

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  1. My sincere apologies to the entire public for the actions of this individual. Please understand this is not representative of firefighters and there is no way members of our profession would grant this person the status of “brother firefighter.” We are humiliated and infuriated by this betrayal of public trust, decency, and compassion.

    I am shocked to learn this person has maintained their position and can’t account for this particular department, other than to assume the existence of an arcane protective policy requiring final adjudication. (And for that I am sorry as well!)

    Finally, thank you for sharing our commitment to improve public safety. We have long recognized the inordinate representation by certain breeds that too frequently inflict gross injury. We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help communities move forward.

  2. To this day — ten months after I was attacked by a pit bull on a city sidewalk — the firefighter paramedics that responded to the scene continue to awe and amaze me. They were exceptional at their jobs and exceptional human beings. I will never forget the multitude of ways in which they helped me; there is no monetary sum that could ever match and repay them for their actions and care.

    Thank you for writing to us. stands in full support of first responder teams; particularly firefighter paramedics. As we follow this case, we will take care to distinguish that Carlton Davis is not a “brother firefighter.” Our focus will stick to the dogfighting charges and what can only be described as a “breakdown” the in the Gary, Indiana department that kept him employed all this time.

  3. “A community liaison, April Borda, says the dogs were reconditioned by animal trainers to become less aggressive.”

    LESS aggressive?


    UPDATE on the GaryIndianaScum.

    A surprise twist. Davis is a dog “lover” He loved his dogs so much, he couldn’t bare to part with their dead and decomposing bodies.

    The blood stained “area” was not from fighting, it was from a dog giving birth to a litter of pups!

    And they are not Davis’ dogs but belonged to a friend. Oddly enough, in 2006, neither of these idiots claimed ownership of the dogs. (Sgt Schultz strikes again!) Now the friend says they are is dogs but he had to get rid of them immediately so the Hobart police could not seize them after one of the dogs broke into a neighbor’s house and trashed it.
    (What OTHER breed of dog breaks INTO stranger’s homes?)

    and finally…
    “Nasty Boy was the one I was going to pay any amount to get, and (shelter workers) knew it,” she said. “And they euthanized him.”
    Pay any amount, including theft to get back their prize fighter, named NASTY BOY.

  5. This loser firefighter/dogfighter lost his appeal.,davis0612.article

    The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld the 2008 convictions of former Gary firefighter Carlton Davis Jr., who ran a pitbull-fighting operation in Calumet Township.

    On the issue of whether the trial court mistakenly allowed evidence obtained in violation of Davis' 4th Amendment right against illegal searches and seizures, the appeals court noted that circumstances of animal cruelty would create an exigent circumstance to permit a police officer to inspect the property. A neighbor reported she saw emaciated, scarred animals chained to 55-gallon drums on Davis' property and empty food and water dishes.

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