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9 thoughts on “Dine-n-Dash: Police Seek Pit Bull Owner and Dog After Attack

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  1. How many victims in the past month have had to sustain Rabies shots due to Dine and Dashers?! I think there have been 4 or 5…

    Legally, this should be treated the same as a hit and run during an automobile accident. I’m surprised medical insurance companies aren’t pushing for a change in this.

  2. I’m within minutes of this location and this is the first I’ve heard of the attack, which actually occurred a week ago. It seems this victim’s injuries would have been spectacular enough to be news worthy. After all, she did have her nose bitten off and it required surgical reattachment in Kansas City. Then again, perhaps just having a nose removed by a pit bull isn’t really news anymore.

    The only reason this incident has come to the attention of the media is because of the medical urgency of locating this felon’s dog. Pit bull attacks in this area are a regular occurrence. Unless the injuries are life threatening or fatal, or the pit bulls make better than a triple kill on pets, it will not be reported. (And let me make this point —> Nobody gives a damn about our livestock. A calf here, a colt there, so what? Not news.) So this is what it has come to. Simply losing the nose off your face isn’t even news anymore, unless a doctor in Kansas City decides to apply leverage because of the rabies issue.

    It’s like we’ve come full circle here. Everybody used to have a picture of their Granddad beaming with their new Winchester and some Kentucky hillbilly’s dead bull dog. We hung some and whipped some all the way to Kansas, and their junk dogs disappeared with them. A hundred plus years later and we’re back to hunting hillbillies and bull dogs again, to which I say; Mr. Matt Brooks, turning yourself in is probably the way to go. You can’t just run away to Kansas anymore.

  3. You know, I have wondered when….and I think it will be inevitable….some grieving parent takes the law into their own hands and beats or kills the owner of one of these dogs. At some point, some father is going to be sitting in a hospital room, looking at the swollen, ravaged face of his two year old daugther, and decide that enough is enough. Since the owners of these dogs are never punished, the father of a mauled child will at some point end up taking a baseball bat to the face of the lowlife neighborhood pit bull owner whose dog destroyed his kids life.

    I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

  4. Just so everyone is clear on a matter, the guy that Tanya was with, had just the week before pistol whipped a 45 year old woman, they were going to that house to GET Matt, this does not excuse the dog in any way shape or form, but it is a FACT! I know Matthews mother, and have slept w/ that same dog in my bed unaccountable times, he was a loyal dog, and his first concern was the people he loved. They finally did the right thing and turned him in, again, i’m not sticking up for the dog, just missing a faithful friend… I love you JuJu, i’ll NEVER forget you.

  5. My friend, you are sick and twisted. And exactly where is Matthew these days, who was wanted for two outstanding warrants and is now wanted for another crime? Sounds like Matt had a pistol whipping coming to him. But jail time and some sweet little cellmates will suit me just fine.

  6. I’d just like to thank Ju Ju’s bedmate for showing up and making a “Jerry Springeresque” contribution to the thread.

    Classic Pit Nuttery!

  7. it doesnt have anything to do with who i was with, and plus I never jeard nothing about a 45 year old woman. Nice excuse though for your friend and a sorry mutt. The dog JR has bit three other people then my self. Im friends with his first owner which was sorry he didnt put him down a long time ago. God knows the truth, and Im still alive so thats what Im thankkful for. Also thank you to all those that understand my story and for the support. Some people are just to tuned of what is the real problem.

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