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6 thoughts on “Comment: How Much Do Pit Bulls Cost All of Us?

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  1. No one has done a study on the costs because the powerful dog lobby has managed to get data collection on a national level cessated.

    The US petcare industry is a $40 billion a year juggernaut that does not want to be regulated…Public safety be damned!

  2. A study of this type should clearly be done. Let’s just take one small example: Michael Vick. According to this article

    “In their motion last week, federal prosecutors revealed that the costs associated with seizing, maintaining and finding homes for the dogs were significant, estimating the total cost at $928,073.”

    There were 54 pit bulls recovered from Vick’s operation. So that comes to $17,186.54 per dog. I’m guessing that’s because of the lengthy rehabilitation involved in rehoming these dogs or the lifetime care if they can’t be rehomed. $17,186.54. Imagine if every homeless dog had access to that kind of money with a guarantee that if they could not be adopted they would have a home for life anyway, separate from all other animals.

    This is a disgrace and should be utterly unacceptable for anyone concerned with the high euthanasia rates in shelters of ALL pets.

  3. Pit bull owners that actually want to address the pit bull problem? That are actually looking at the “drowning numbers of pit bulls” across the nation? Simple answer that needs no conference: MANDATORY SPAY / NEUTER of pit bulls.

    Oh, but that would be a “breed-specific” measure wouldn’t it? So SCRAP that! Let’s just keep euthanizing pit bulls by the hundreds of thousands and focus on “owner education” instead. Let’s spend more time and money on making genetically bound pit bulls “more adoptable.”

    Insurance providers AIN’T going to change their mind about this breed. Liability is liabilitiy period.

  4. They don’t want owner education, they want non-owner education. They think that if every single one of us meets a nice pit bull we will suddenly see the light and denounce the evil that is BSL. These people don’t have a clue, which explains why their dogs are such a problem in the first place.

    We need two studies done. This finacial one for sure. With the Freedom of Information Act we should be able to get information from places that have had a recent attack and find out how much it cost the town, and if applicable, how much medical bills were at the local hospital. Also, I would like a listing of places that adopt out pit bulls that were confiscated from the fighting industry. I bet the citizens of those areas would be motivated if they knew that was going on. Two groups have done pit bull centered studies in the past, one about how owners cope with owning these dogs, the other showing that criminals are more likely to own them. I wonder of either of them would like to do another study.

  5. I bet West Memphis Police have a handle on costs related to pit bulls: Worker’s Compensation coverage for emergency treatment, physical therapy, off duty recovery periods, light duty reassignment, and in the worst of cases, disability retirement.

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