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13 thoughts on “Chicago Woman Attacked by Five Pit Bulls

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  1. Mr. Hidalgo, the woman was not screaming before your five pit bulls crashed through your fence and attacked her. The victim’s SCREAMING did not “set off” your pit bulls.

  2. oooohh, citations! take that hidalgo!!

    i am thinking 10,000 lashes, bamboo shoots under the finger and toe nails, a month of water boarding at guatanamo, then 3 years in an invasive research facility followed by 5 years in ‘the shoe’.

  3. Hidalgo’s homeowner insurance company will need to shell out bucks for this one. Until that happens, which will be about 2 years from now, Gabriela will pay the bills. There is always the possibility that Hidalgo is a renter and thus, judgment proof as well. If this is the case, Gabriela will be responsible for the medical bills. We’ll see how long she stays “angerless” toward the pit bull owner.

    I wonder if Hidalgo has “any idea” what emergency care costs, in addition to plastic surgery? I can hear his clatter already. “I’ll help pay the bills!” Yeah, until he sees bill after bill arriving: 22k, 5k, 11k, 6k, 19k…Just how worth it was to own 5 pit bulls? He’s about to learn (the hard way). This was an off-property attack due to he negligence.

  4. They cited him for four things he didn’t have do you really think he had insurance that would cover being a “lion tamer”.
    I’d bet he was more interested in saving his own ass than saving the woman. He knew he was in a world of trouble.

  5. No way would he have special insurance. But as a homeowner (if he is one), dog bite coverage is often included in the homeowner insurance policy. With the large media coverage of this case, I bet Gabriel has an attorney by now. Let’s hope so.

  6. My coverage in Indiana does not include,
    pit bulls, rottweilers, chows, dobermans. If he is a renter there is probably nothing. The hospital has attorneys that will try to collect from someone.
    I think I read in the comments with the article that she also owned a pit bull.

  7. Same for my state. Only one insurance provider in WA state covers pit bull type dogs. States vary on these issues. In some states it is illegal for insurance companies to be “breed-specific.” Can you believe that? I wonder if Illinois is one of them…

  8. hidalgo really lucked out when his dogs attacked another pit owner. what are the chances?!?!

  9. The woman has kids, and she was attacked by 5 pit bulls. This kind of trauma doesn’t just disappear. In the next 6-9 months, I bet she gives her pit bull away…

  10. Classic pitnutter “Stockholm Syndrome”…She’s bought into the Pit Bull nanny dog talking points for so long her perception of reality is distorted.

    Another classic example here:

    Yesterday at home, Gaylord questioned how her once-lovable dog could turn on her. She is ordering an autopsy of the dog to determine if it had a sickness that made it more aggressive.

    “He was my baby,” she said.

  11. If states pass laws that prohibit insurance companies from restricting specific breeds from homeowners policies, it only means that the rest of us will be subsidizing the pit bull owners. It’s infuriating.

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