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6 thoughts on “Berserking Pit Bull in Jersey Attacks 5 People

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  1. I’m beginning to believe the presumption of domestication afforded these animals is incorrect.

  2. You have got to be kidding me…the owner of this dog needs to be in prison.

  3. “This is on the Internet and everything has got to be straightened out because everybody’s saying these bad things,” says Cotto.

    That’s the PITFALLS of owning the ultimate canine gladiator, Dummy!

    A cop is on medical leave and four other people are hurt and this idiot is worried about people saying bad things!

    Ban now!

  4. Isn’t it hilarious how the macho men who own these muscle dogs start whining like little girls when they end up in trouble because of the dog???

    Gee…thought you looked really COOL walking your pit bull, huh? Yeah….it really makes you look like a big man to own a dog that mauls toddlers and grandmothers.

    Honestly? The majority of women I know, when they see a guy strutting around with a pit or Rott, auotomatically assume he is a drug dealer, or thug who is, uuhhmmm, shall we say, deficient in a certain area is trying to compensate by showing off his “tough” dog.

  5. Update: The owner tried taking the Beserker home from Animal Control on Friday and of course the dog wasn’t registered. A sterling example of the Pit Bull Counter-Culture!

    “Dikovics said the dog’s owner visited the animal shelter on Thursday and was disappointed upon being told that he could not bring her home. He did not return on Friday, Dikovics added.”

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