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6 thoughts on “Animal Control Officer May be Fired for Shooting Pit Bull in Self-Defense

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  1. This American’s second amendment rights are being suppressed by the “rescue angels” who dominate the Animal Control profession because he shot at one of their precious Pit Bulls. He should sue the city for millions in a civil rights case.

  2. The man was sacred to death for himself and his son, I think a “few choice” words are understandable. The fact that this pit bull owner has any kind of leverage at all makes my heart tumble and fall.

  3. For performing life saving CPR a day earlier he gets nothing. For getting upset about having to protect his family from an attacking pit bull he gets fired?


    Sounds like one of those hidden blessing firings. Who needs a boss that rides the short bus to work?

  4. The Animal Control profession desperately needs an enema. There are way too many rescue angels who cannot make public safety decisions IRT dogs. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that this beserking Pit was adopted out.

    Hopefully, the NRA has some lawyers on it’s payroll that will make sure this man doesn’t get screwed.

  5. This poor guy…..can we eventually get an update on him? My husband would have landed in jail in a situation like this…..if a pit bull ever came onto our property and threatened one of our kids, my husband would have killed it. As a matter of fact, I don’t know many fathers who wouldn’t have.

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