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6 thoughts on “21-Year Old Spokane Woman Attacked by Loose Pit Bull

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  1. Pit bull fans point the finger at cocker spaniels and chihuahuas. They tell me they’re the really nasty biters. So how come I keep missing all the reports of 911 calls requiring threat containment by multiple police units for these other breeds? I don’t get it.

  2. Has anyone done a breed-specific study on how many tax dollars are spent dealing with the pit bull problem? How much for first responders, police, ambulance, then AC, costs for kenneling the dogs, feeding, euthanizing the dogs…time spent on paperwork by the police and AC, making reports…..court fees, mediation fees, if there is a dangerous dog hearing, or if the owner is charged with criminal miscondict for having a dangerous dog. If the victim has no insurance, or insurance does not cover the complete cost of medical treatment entirely, then the taxpayers will pick up the cost of that also.

    When private insurance picks up the costs…on the RARE occasion that a victim successfully sues the dog owner for damages…then the insurance industry just passes along the costs to the rest of us by raising our rates, or simply raising rates for ALL dog owners.

    When another animal is the victim…pet or livestock….again, the owner can try to sue, but is usually stuck with the cost of vet care/replacing the animal.

    There is a huge monetary cost to our continued indulgence of this one subgroup of dog owners, who, by their own admission, think its a good idea to carry a small crowbar (breakstick) with them to pry their dog’s jaws off of anything it might decide to grab. It’s simply bizzare that society keeps pandering to these people by refusing to regulate the breeding of these dogs.

  3. Wow, that comment was brillant. I never thought of it that way, but you are right. Just think of all the time and money spent on the rehabilitation of Michael Vick’s dogs. I bet hundreds of other homeless animals that never fought could have been helped instead.

  4. Actually, Vick’s dogs set a dangerous precedent…Badrap, Best Friends and the other Pit Bull rescue agencies actually received a $20,000 “dowry” for each dog. Since the law allows for seizure of assets in some dog fighting cases, rescues are now incentivized to “rehabilitate” fighting dogs.

    Gotta wonder how many safe, adoptable dogs get the purple needle to make room for celebrity and dowried fighters which need special accomadations?

  5. Another good point. If pit bull owners insist that their dogs are the same as all other breeds, then they should be subject to the same chances every other dog has when it comes to a shelter. Many places have a dangerous or vicious dog law that states such as animal is so if it bites a person, kills an animal, or was trained to fight. So by that very definition, these shelters are adopting out vicous dogs that they would normally take away from people and put down.

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