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2 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owner Shoots Neighbor's Puppy in Retaliation

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  1. Thread comments from the lab owner:

    “Actually, what they didn’t mention was that that previous time the pitt bull came over, it came into our home and cornered my three year old daughter. After safely getting everyone outside, we hid in our suburban and called 911. They arrived very quickly and attempted to shoot the dog themselves because of its aggressive nature. The pitt and many scars and the officer stated it looks as if it had been in a fight recently. THe dog got spooked and ended up running back home. At that time the officer told us if it came back onto our property, because of its nature, we had every legal right to protect our family. Then they proceded to warn our neighbor to keep it conifined to their yard. The dog came back again and attacked my momma lab, biting her over 30 times around her stomach and giving her a permenant limp on her front paw (as seen in the picture) Leaving one Saturday morning, as we walked out side, it was back again, leaving us no other choice in protecting our kids and animals. I hated that it happened this way, especially losing our beloved puppy Tiny. Abbie has been through a great deal through this ordeal, but by us showing forgivenes toward the owner shows her more values than holding a grudge.”

    Another dumbass pit bull breaking into a neighbor’s home!

  2. My deepest and most sincere condolences to the Williams family.
    Please send us updates on this horrible tragedy.

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