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5 thoughts on “Peter Strauss Attacked by Pit Bull on Ranch

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  1. Damn..Buy a ranch in the middle of mountain lion country and end up getting mauled by a Pit Bull placed by an ethereal shelter worker!

  2. Another person in their daily routine, on their own property, attacked by a pit bull that breaks down a fence to get to the person…The theory that pit bulls are only “animal-aggressive” is clearly false. These dogs are consistently hunting human beings.

  3. Why don’t they name the shelter that adopted out the dog? Doesn’t the public have the right to know? There are six Los Angeles County shelters, and they all show numerous pit bulls up for adoption. On the LA county Dept of Animal control website, there is no indication as to how these animals are screened for adoption. There is no discussion of temperament testing adult dogs, how it is done, etc.

    I think that is the story within the story. Los Angeles County has 363 dogs abandoned to the shelter system. They seem to be recycling dangerous animals back into the community. What do victims of dog attacks do when the animal control department is responsible for bringing dangerous dogs into their neighborhood? The county shelter system is encouraging the adoption of unstable, aggressive fighting breeds like pit bulls and Am Staffs. They obviously don’t have the resources or skill to adequately evaluate all these dogs.

    Victims should start suing the shelter systems that allow this to happen.If elected officials lack the political courage to act in the best interest of public safety, then victims will have to rely on civil litigation. Then the liability for shelter systems will become too great to adopt out dangerous dogs, and they will be forced to change their practices.

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