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12 thoughts on “LifeFlight Needed After Two Bullmastiff-Mix Dogs Attack Oregon Boy

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  1. Sure…For homeowners insurance purposes…wink!…wink!..

    They look like American “Pit” Bulldogs.

  2. there should be an additional and separate criminal charge for owning a dog that has bitten and does not have rabies shots.

  3. Maybe the mother should have been paying more attention to where the child was! Nice parenting

  4. anonymous writes:
    “Take a close look, these are not Bullmastiffs!! Bullmastiffs do not come in white, they only exist in Fawn, Redfawn or Brindle of different variations. “

    I would like to draw your attention to the last sentence in this story:

    “The dogs are both Bullmastiff mixed breed and have no history of acting violently prior to the attack.”

    The dogs do not appear white to me, they appear to be the color of a light yellow lab, which is probably what they are mixed with.

  5. My ex has a bullmastiff cross pit bull and I have a 2yr old son – I have major concerns about him going to my ex’s house because of what this breed of dog can do to children. I have read too many cases about little kids been attacked by pit bullmastiffs and it’s sickening. Any feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I think your concerns are warranted. What parameters can you set up with your ex-husband to ensure that your child is not at risk?

  7. To the mother worried about her child visiting her ex-husband. I don’t know how reasonable he is but if you ask him to go to the ASPCA web site and read their section on pits. This group is very pro pit bull however they do not reccommend a child being around one “due to their strength and exhuberance.” I would also add unpredictability and prey drive. Would he be willing to look at the mauling stats for the pit? Many people who have claimed their dog was totally socialized and non violent have had their dog maul a family member. I trust he loves your little boy. Why take the risk with this dog? Have him look at the many stories on this site dealing with children. Tell him he can’t take it back once the mauling has happened. God bless you and watch over you.

  8. I think you are wise to consider the potential risk to your son. A dialog between you, your ex, and possibly legal council might be appropriate.

  9. The owner is lucky he killed the dogs!!!!!This is my son who was attacked, and let me tell you the anger that still is inside me because the lack of responsibility taken by the owners….property and dog……And thank you for not having home owners ins. ASS HOLES.

    Only good thing I can say is my son is ok ……which means everything! Jeremiah Jewell

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