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5 thoughts on “Dogs Attack a Group of Children Walking Home from School

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  1. Stark contrast in breed behavior…

    Too bad the pit Breeders won’t add collie genes into their bloodline. At least you would have a dog that went for help after it mauled you!

  2. Just a $330 fine for allowing a Pit Bull to chew on five kids! That’s $65 per kid…. A great bargain for the Ultimate Canine Gladiator owner!

    It will be interesting to see if she covers the medical expenses. A rarity in the Pit Nutter world.

  3. I just had a terrible group of people move in next door last week and they have a pit bull. The dog is so poorly trained that it won't let my wife and two year old daughter out of the house if I'm not home. Since no leash law, the "neighbors" just let it wander around. What am I supposed to do? I guess my daughter will not know beauty of our yard this summer. I can't have a vicious dog killing her, or hurting my pregnant wife.

    It's too bad that a family has to move from a community just because unsavory people move in and let their dog run free. No dog should be let to roam free, any animal can snap into basic instincts in a split second and who knows what they are capable of.

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