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One thought on “Broward County: Banning Pit Bulls is Needed for Public Safety

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  1. As an avid dog lover I have always defended the argument against pit bulls. I have 2 dogs myself, a lab and a hound mix. I always go out of my way to pat dogs that are out in public and always enjoy petting the dogs and talking to their owners. However I was in Deerfield Beach last week and was passing by a restaurant that allows dogs at their outside bar. I stopped to pat a yellow lab which was very friendly. As I turned a white pit bull on a leash approached me. I put my hand out so he could smell me and without warning he chomped down on my hand and shredded my finger. The owner quickly apologized and told me his dog could be aggressive. I went to the men’s room to wash off my hand and evaluate the damage done. I quickly realized I was making a trip to the emergency room. Half a dozen stitches and a few antibiotic shots later i was home trying to figure what I did wrong to cause that dog to attack and I have come up with nothing. That dog attacked because it was his nature to do so. It should not have been out in public like that. The owner wasa a young kid in his 20’s with no sense of responsibility. He took off when I went to clean up my hand. I still realize all dogs are different and all dogs can bite not just Pitts but in the future I will steer clear of approaching this breed in public.
    I got attacked in front of the Bru’s room restaurant in Deerfield Beach. Deerfield is already pretty strict in not allowing dogs on the sidewalks by the beach and Bru’s room has already banned dogs from actually being in the bar area. This attack does not bode well for any dogs being at the beach not just Pits. As I said in my previous post I have 2 dogs myself and have had my yellow lab at Bru’s room prior to this attack ( my dogs were not with me at this time). Over the past few days When friends and family have heard about the attack I have been inundated with bad stories about Pit Bull attacks.
    I was lucky. I’ll have no permanent damage to my hand but I cringe when I tyhink if it could have benn a little kid’s hand or one of my dog’s paws.
    Again, there was nothing happening to provoke this dog to bite me, he attacked for no reason.

    I hate to see any dogs put down or banished from certain areas but I can’t help but start to think given all the attacks I now know about that the Pit Bull issues are very real and action/restriction of some kind is needed. However killing all the Pit Bulls is not a solution I can agree with.

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