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5 thoughts on “Tradie shoots dog, saves women's lives

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  1. Next year or the year after, the thought might cross her mind that the victim could have been her, and while she was sleeping. Maybe then she will stop crying.

  2. Another Pit Bull nailed during a beserking episode…. Hope the little girl recovers and the bereaved owner steps up to the plate to cover the medical bills.

  3. Bump…The pathological comments from the illegal Pit Owner need to be saved and the woman needs to be studied by scientists..

    “People say ‘he attacked your sister, doesn’t that change the way you feel about him?’ It doesn’t change the way I feel,” the owner told News Limited.

    “They only see this attack, they don’t know the joy he brought into our lives. For the past 12 months he’s been the best and most exciting thing in my life.

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