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6 thoughts on “Maryville Animal Control Officer Injured in Pit Bull Attack

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  1. This crazy Pit-Perp is due in court today for her sweeties previously killing a neighbor’s dog. This woman is the text book example of why regulations are needed on ownership of the “Ultimate Canine Gladiator”.

    Tennessee needs to get it’s act together on Dog Safety.

  2. Wow…This one sounds very similiar to the Knox County Animal Control breakdown which led to Jennifer Lowe’s death.

    Now we just need to hear “Cocker Spaniels are the problem” from the Animal Control Director.

  3. Why, haven’t you heard? ALL the pro-pit websites say that “dog aggression” is completely different from “human aggression”, and just because a dog kills another dog, doean’t mean he is a danger to the community!

    Yet, in case after case, humans are attacked and mauled by pit bulls who have previously attacked other dogs.

  4. When I was on the ground, being dragged around by a pit bull, I thought I was going to die too. Unprovoked dog attacks are malevolent — this is why victims never forget them.

    You never forget the dog’s wild, mad anger; you never forget his teeth in your flesh; nor do you forget the sounds of your bones being cracked by “man’s best friend.”

    What has happened? What has mankind done to these dogs?

  5. Two centuries worth of selection via the fighting pit…That’s what!

    The Dogfighting breeders like to say..”Breed the best, Kill the rest.”

    See Mike Vickand Pat Patrick for details….

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