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5 thoughts on “Louisiana Police Chief Wants Pit Bull Ban

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  1. It’s about time for what? The Rights of the Law Biding, RESPONSIBLE Pit bull owners to be quashed and stepped on?!

    What you are doing is giving the IRRESPONSIBLE and Degenerate Dog owners a reason to consider the dog down the street for their next project.

    Ban the IRRESPONSIBLE HUMAN, lobby for higher penalties, stricker laws, higher fines, longer jail time, and the loss of rights to ever own another pet.

    Breedism is Racism at it’s best! Makes you feel good doesn’t it?

  2. Your arguments are pure rhetoric: outdated, unproven and unconstitutional. Makes you feel smart doesn’t it?

  3. i’m no dumbass, what that makes you is delusional.

    And when they’ve irradicated the Pit bull and they come for your breed, who will stand by you then?

  4. Unfortunately, it may be too late for the mythical responsible pit bull owner..Instead of being proactive and fixing the breed aggression problem, the denial of a problem continues.

    The public views it this way…There are plenty of dogs of other breeds owned as casual pets. They aren’t clogging the shelters, steadily causing six figure medical bills/deaths and being shot by law enforcement on a weekly basis.

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