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3 thoughts on “Pit bulls are increasingly used in the course of criminality

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  1. For the record: This dog was not “used in the course of criminality”. This dog, just so happened to be a vicious creature that lived at that residence. The criminal opted to run to this dogs residence, yet did not own the dog.

    I know first hand that the dog in question has attacked before UNPROVOKED, and that its days were numbered. The dog most definately got its just reward, but to imply that his owner purposely unleased the dog on the authorities is false. As you can see, the owner was NOT arrested in this case.

  2. The article did not state that Shawell owned the dog.

    Yet, whoever did “unleash a dog to attack the police officers” certainly DID use the dog in the course of criminality.

    Why don’t you direct your insightful knowledge to the reporter that wrote this article: Bradley Vasoli can be reached at

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