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8 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Postal Worker Dies Days After Vicious Dog Attack

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  1. Its my understanding that lethal assault on a federal worker while they are on duty carries a penalty of DEATH.

    Therefore, this dog owner must be PUT TO DEATH.

  2. I would like to see a photo of this 'German shepherd dog'. Also of the other 'dog' involved in the rampage.

    I smell pit-(mix)-hiding here so bad it stinks. Just like that so-called Golden Retriever that killed the child in the child swing, that turned out to be a pit mix.

  3. I'm with sputnik here – be very wary of vague and unsubstantiated breed identifications in such cases. I'll bet the "other dog" was a pit bull, and I've got serious doubts about the so-called "German Shepherd". I want to see pictures of both, and a clear account of the role of each of the animals in the attack.

  4. "Recovering at home, Rochester started having chest pains and died. The dog was shot by state police, but survived as in quarantine."

    All of the back-stories, including the witness also bitten by one of the dogs, indicate there were two attacking dogs. The dogs' owner has been cited and fined, but still not named by the media (heck of a job media after a federal employee has been viciously attacked by LOOSE dogs then died!).

    Culprit #1 – Kent County SPCA
    Culprit #2 – USPS
    Culprit #3 – Pathetic local media

    A similar scenario also happened in the wake of USPS worker Diane Jansen's death in March. In that case, however, San Diego County media had a few hairs on their chest. The bloody attack on Rochester is outrageous in comparison, involving two LOOSE dogs on a rampage and multiple victims.

  5. And the dog was not put down. Why not? You can autopsy it to determine whether it was rabid or not. Why is it being kept alive at taxpayer expense?

  6. One story is calling the other dog involved a "Russian Terrier".

    Mail Carrier Eddie Lin was killed by a Rottweiler in CA a couple of years ago.

    Unfortunately, the USPS seems to have was it's hands of going after dog owners on behalf of their oft injured and killed employees.

  7. I wonder whether the Delaware coroner who did the autopsy is competent and not corrupt. Here's what happened to a puppy that was recently savaged by pit bulls:

    "Drake, the puppy attacked by two pit bulls Oct. 6, was euthanized at about 2 p.m. Thursday, following a heart attack Wednesday…

    "The complication is “pretty common when you see multiple injuries caused by a crushing bite,” said Lake Forest Animal Hospital veterinarian Mark Liberto. Because Drake’s bones were crushed during the attack, rather than a clean break, blood clots formed, one of which traveled to and then stopped the puppy’s heart."


    I have a feeling a more detailed autopsy needs to be performed on Mr. Rochester's remains. The owner of the dog that did this to him needs to be jailed.

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