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17 thoughts on “Violent Unprovoked Pit Bull Attack in Nashville

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  1. Is Tyler visiting the victim everyday in the hospital?

    I notice a REAL change in tone in this article with the animal control officers. They even point out that they think Tyler’s tears are for the dog and not the victim!

    A bold, brave and welcoming shift from animal control officers!

  2. Another sociopathic pit bull owner…..a decent human being would have had the dog put down immediately.

  3. We’ll see if the owner ponies up when the six figure bill comes.

    After the recent systematic animal control failure in Knox County it is good to see officials placing public safety first.

  4. What the hell is going on in Tennessee?!

    There seems to be a disproportionate number of dog attacks in that state.

  5. Why is it that we all assume that the owner of the dog is lying. The owner claims the victim got down on all fours and went toward the dog. If you are going to challenge a dog, don’t have the nerve to act surprised or outraged when the dog accepts your challenge.

  6. WHY would you assume Stowers would be honest? This dog owner is facing potentially serious criminal and financial liability of course he will try to deflect blame.

    AND WHY WOULD YOU ASSUME THAT THIS WOMAN IS CHALLENGING THE DOG?!?!? This excuse is more insane than the aussie white trash mom.

  7. I think this study by academics of Pit Bull owners pretty much covers it.

    Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners
    Journal Society and Animals
    Publisher Brill Academic Publishers
    ISSN 1063-1119 (Print) 1568-5306 (Online)
    Issue Volume 8, Number 1 / March, 2000
    DOI 10.1163/156853000510970
    Pages 25-52
    Subject Collection Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
    SpringerLink Date Friday, November 12, 2004

    Hillary Twining, Arnold Arluke and Gary Patronek

    Abstract Ethnographic interviews were conducted with 28 pit bull “owners” to explore the sociological experience of having a dog with a negative image. Results indicate that the vast majority of respondents felt that these dogs were stigmatized because of their breed. Respondents made this conclusion because friends, family, and strangers were apprehensive in the presence of their dogs and because they made accusations about the breed’s viciousness and lack of predictability. In the face of this stigma, respondents resorted to using a variety of interactional strategies to lessen the impact of this perception or prevent it from occurring. These strategies included passing their dogs as breeds other than pit bulls, denying that their behavior is biologically determined, debunking adverse media coverage, using humor, emphasizing counter-stereotypical behavior, avoiding stereotypical equipment or accessories, taking preventive measures, or becoming breed ambassadors.

  8. I hope Gov. Branson sees what he did to us when he would not pass stronger dog laws last summer.We need to be writing our senators, governor and whoever to make sure they do something about dangerous dogs this time.

    Unlike Knoxville, it appears like Nashville Animal Control is trying to help and not blaming the victim.

  9. Anonymous, I went to our city coucil to try to get them to do something, not ban any dogs, just make owners do a better job of containing them and maybe require them to have liabilty insurance. This came out on the front page of the paper. Several of these pit bull groups wrote letters. One “Responsible Dog Owners of Western States” Illinios Director, wrote a 3 page letter that named me 18 times. She even claimed there was no such thing as a pit bull. I’m trying to get this out to as many people as I can. please contact me, [email protected]

  10. David, the person behind that group is Cherie Graves…please read the story at the top of the blog, “The Mystery Of” She is a back yard breeder of pit bulls, and a very scary individual….she is part of the lunatic fringe of the pro-pit movement.

    She named you in an attempt to threaten and intimidate you…..that’s what she does.

  11. dog lover, the letter came from Illinios Director, Elizabeth Pensgard, she must think that we in Indiana are not able to see what’s going on. By the way I’m the director of the Wabash Indiana chapter of the group, “Human Safety First”. est. Jan.5, 2008. I’m the founder, the president, and I’m self appointed. I guess you can see where I’m going with this, If they can do it so can I. David

  12. DAVID!

    Please send a copy of the letter to
    PO Box 94782
    Seattle, WA 98124

  13. If you have the letter scanned in, post a link to the letter in a future comment that you leave…

  14. Dee,
    Thank you, I will send the letter along with a copy of the newspaper article about my trip to the coucil and my personal response to Elizabeth Pensgard.

  15. David: Elizabeth Pensgard is the biggest nutcase there is. I could tell you so much.

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