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2 thoughts on “How Does a Pit Bull Owner Properly Confine his Dog?

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  1. How do we change this? I once read an article that explained how to respond when a neighbor’s dog was threatening your family….send a certified letter to the owner telling them that the dog is acting aggressively, and that they will be held liable if the dog escapes and attacks. Can Dogsbite publish some tips on dealing with these dogs before they maul someone? I realize that you must report the owners and begin a paper trail….however, many pit bull owners are shady, violent people themselves, and neighbors fear retaliation.

    Is there a way to notify someones homeowners insurance company when they are obviously ignoring the danger their dog poses to the community? maybe threat of losing their homwowners insurance would force owners to get rid of their dangerous dog.

  2. It’s a great question, one that I would like the answer to as well. If you are a homeowner and have a policy (I am not a homeowner), call up your insurance person and ask them this question.

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