Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Blogger Illinois Pitbull Attacks  |  1/18/2014 12:10 PM  |  Flag  
Bloomington Illinois is very near Galesburg, IL where a child died less than a year ago. Both cities, as well as Peoria, Glenwood, Elgin, Peoria, Waukegan, Lake county, Cary, and Skokie looked at dangerous dog ordinances because of pit bull attacks and refused to regulation pit bulls to PREVENT these all too regular horrors. SHAME ON THEM!


Blogger Kendra  |  1/21/2014 3:45 PM  |  Flag  
As a mother, these stories horrify me. When my family decided to get a dog, we picked a yorkie. Some dog rescuers won't allow families with children to get tiny purse dogs because they worry about the child being much bigger and stronger than the dog. Yet they have no qualms about putting huge pit bulls in homes with small children.

It's completely backwards. The dog rescuers worry about dog safety, but not child safety. It wasn't like this when I was growing up. People had their priorities straight, and put children ahead of pets, but now they've switched it around. I just do not understand.

Blogger Kendra  |  1/21/2014 7:15 PM  |  Flag  
The pit bull apologists are saying the dogs attacked because the house had toys on the floor. Have they ever been in a home with small children? It is normal for children to scatter toys. It is NOT normal for dogs to kill children because toys are on the floor.

Do they even believe the things they say? It's just too ridiculous. Yorkies, chihuahuas, shih tzus, poodles, collies, and many other breeds live in homes that occasionally have clutter, and they don't kill people. So why do they think it's okay for pit bulls?

Blogger Packhorse  |  1/22/2014 11:27 AM  |  Flag  
There are photographs of the three grippers in the house, interacting with the children. Please post them so there can be no mistake about what type of dogs these were.

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