Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Blogger scorched earth  |  6/25/2013 5:21 PM  |  Flag  
Would this be the same Effingham County that is sending a pit bull that attacked a child to a New York state rescue instead of putting it down where its history is known?

Pit bull advocacy continues to shuffle dangerous dogs and the deaths keep piling up. Where is the shame?

OpenID maultalk  |  6/25/2013 10:35 PM  |  Flag  
A neighbor, Lulu Waddell contacted Environmental Services about year ago about the dogs, she said she was scared of them running in her yard.

"I was afraid of them because I don't bother nobody's pitbulls, so when I called, they made them tie them up in the back," said Waddell.
This department does not seem to understand the dangerousness of tethered dogs. This dog owner should have been required to build a proper fence.

Blogger Sputnik2009  |  6/26/2013 6:59 AM  |  Flag  
Yes, this is the same town that is planning to send a different attacking pit bull to NY to maul and kill there.

For the record, pit bulls have killed three people in South Carolina this year. Remembering and mourning them here: Betty Todd, 65 yrs old; Carlton Freeman, 80 yrs old; and now Arianna Nerrbach, 5 yrs old.

Pit bulls have killed altogether ten people in South Carolina in the past ten years. Six of those were children. Remembering and mourning those here too: The three that died this year, plus Isaiah Calandis Smith, <2 yrs old; John Davis, 10 yrs old; Allen L Young, <2 yrs old; Brian Palmer, 1 yr old; Holden Jurnigan, 2 yrs old; Ethel Horton, 65 yrs old; Justin Lane, 25 yrs old.

Blogger Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits  |  6/26/2013 9:37 PM  |  Flag  
Well, seeing the picture of the child really brings it home. What a sweet baby and what a horrific way to die !!!

Blogger Sputnik2009  |  6/27/2013 3:43 AM  |  Flag  
Here's a second news item about the autopsy report:

It's distressing that coroners are participating in calling these pit / bulldog killings accidents. In this case, it's clear everyone knows the statistics and dangers and knows that these pit bulls were menacing neighbors earlier. A coroner should come to a different, valid conclusion. This was no accident.

Ryan Maxwell's murder has also been ruled an 'accident' by a corrupt coroner, despite the fact that the attack went on for twenty minutes and the pit bull owners made only symbolic attempts to stop the attack:

Blogger vintage  |  6/28/2013 6:10 AM  |  Flag  
222nd American killed by a pit bull since the CDC report covering 1979-1998.

At current pace, pit bulls will exceed the 330 DBRFs from all dogs (79-98) in September 2016. Just 17years after their corrupt, breed neutral assurances were given!

F-Minus public safety grade goes out to the humane lobby and the CDC.

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