Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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OpenID shanedieselblack  |  11/17/2010 5:33 AM  |  Flag  
Wow! These pit bulls / akitas / rottweilers are starting to look like real PREDATORS! (Digging under someone's fence repeatedly and in the middle of the night?) And the country bumpkins out there keep saying that cougars and wolves need to be controlled?

Blogger Opalina  |  11/17/2010 6:29 AM  |  Flag  
Tragic accident??? How could anyone in their right mind call this a tragic accident? Those dogs were acting like predators! And why are the owners' identities being protected? This smells fishy to me. Oh, let me guess -- they were precious little puupy dogs that wouldn't hurt a flea! What on earth was she doing to provoke their little angels? These poor owners have been traumatized enough, right?

This disgusts me to no end. She deserves justice. What a horrible horrible way to die. I would like to know about her neighborhood. Why did no one hear her scream? Could it be because the beast went for her throat first? I shudder to think of the terror she must have felt. RIP Ms. Casey.

OpenID maultalk  |  11/17/2010 12:16 PM  |  Flag  
This is a horrible case. It reminds me of the Memphis Betty Lou Stidham case...No one should be afraid to stand in their own double fenced backyard; feel forced to MOVE because the city can't remove KNOWN DANGEROUS DOGS. In the Stidham case, the City of Memphis was sued and they lost...

Blogger Dark  |  11/19/2010 5:33 PM  |  Flag  
Let's hope there's a lawsuit in this case, too. Cities need to be put on notice that if they enable criminal behavior, they will be held liable. I don't have to imagine the horror this woman experienced. I've lived through a multiple dog attack. The only difference is that I got lucky. This could just as easily have been me, also after multiple failures of AC and law enforcement. My deep condolences for her family.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/02/2010 4:05 PM  |  Flag  
The A/C Director wouldn't comment....Obviously, if the situation was bad enough that she was moving, A/C was called numerous times.

Hopefully her family sues them into oblivion. Pit Centric A/C policies fail time and time again

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