Friday, November 13, 2009

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Anonymous Felony  |  11/13/2009 5:02 PM  |  Flag  
I guess Garcia didn't utilize Diane Jessup's "soft" corrections technique.

Anonymous mrs.poodle  |  11/13/2009 5:41 PM  |  Flag  
Rottweiler killed one year old in Austria. Family dog but father was member police dog brigade.

World wide problem.

Anonymous mrs.poodle  |  11/13/2009 6:09 PM  |  Flag  
More on Austria:
The father came home from night shift at 8 in the morning and when he greeted the grandmother and the child in the living room the dog attacked the child on the head without any provocation.
The father has years of experience as a dog handler.

Blogger P.  |  11/13/2009 7:00 PM  |  Flag  
Any other breed would have bitten him and ran away. No so with a pit, vengence is mine sayth the pit bulls. Where's the owner loyalty here?

Blogger cravendesires  |  11/13/2009 7:53 PM  |  Flag  
"The father has years of experience as a dog handler."

that's gotta sting.

Anonymous Trigger  |  11/13/2009 7:54 PM  |  Flag  
Rottweilers and babies -- a very bad combination. Here's a translation:

"In an interview with the "Wiener Zeitung" said district police commander Guenther Brinnich the incident, which occurred in the home of the victim: was at eight clock Early in the girl's father came home from night duty: "The girl's father and grandmother are just in the hall Welcomes also present, as the family dog, a Rottweiler, suddenly and completely unmotivated went off on the child and bit into his head. " Despite intensive efforts, the child had died from his severe head injuries. As far as the completely normal force dog to move to attack the girl, remains unclear. For Brinnich jealously behavior of the dog comes into consideration: "Perhaps the dog has the child perceived as a threat to his place in the pack." Especially tragic is that the father had as a police officer many years of service dog training experience with dogs."

"...Even the attack of three pit bull terriers on a three-year-old girl in early September in the district of Lilienfeld in Lower Austria led to a discussion about the new arrangements for the holding of so-called fighting dogs. On Thursday, the new Lower Hundehaltegesetz will now be decided. The law provides that owners of animals have to do with an increased risk potential and striking dog a "dog license" are thus as dangerous breeds such as bull terriers, Bandog and Pitt Bulls, and the list can be complemented by regulation of the Provincial Government with other races. Rottweilers, like that animal that the year-old girl are dead bit, to date, not on the list."

Anonymous Trigger  |  11/13/2009 8:08 PM  |  Flag  
The father is a "dog handler" in addition to being a law enforcement officer. Unfortunately -- and perhaps because these types want protection dogs -- law enforcement officers are appearing at a disproportional rate in 2009 U.S. fatal attacks:

Jane Doe, 2-weeks old, Mesa, AZ
Both parents police officers
Killer dog = Chow-mix

Michael Blaise Landry, 4-years old, Morganza, LA
Sheriff's deputy responsible for boy's death
Killer dogs = "Boxers"

The Austria attack sounds a lot like the 2007 attack of Kylie Cox, just BAM, no hesitation, a deadly B-Line attack on the child.

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