Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Blogger P.  |  5/10/2009 4:59 PM  |  Flag  
There was an incident several years ago in 29 Palms where a 2 year old girl was killed by two breeding Rotties. Don't think it was connected to the military. Her and her father were visiting his sister and her boyfriend. He left the girl at the TV to go to the bathroom, she walked out between the two Rotties and they killed her. No charges were filed because it was deemed BY LAW that her entering the back yard was "soliciting" an attack. We need to change these laws.

Anonymous Trigger  |  5/13/2009 3:14 PM  |  Flag  
MARCH 2006: TWENTYNINE PALMS - Four pit-bull mixes escape from a fenced yard and attack a 15-year-old boy walking by. He had huge chunks of skin ripped away and required two surgeries to reattach the skin.

APRIL 21, 2006 - The owner of four dogs (Elizabeth Smith, a 37-year-old Twentynine Palms resident) that mauled and critically wounded a 15-year-old Twentynine Palms boy last month was arrested Friday in an unincorporated area of Fontana, officials said.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/15/2009 2:03 AM  |  Flag  
The article says they are considering filing criminal charges against the owner. They need to. Pit nutters love to say punish the deed, not the breed. Let's start with some prison time for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. They KNEW their dog was dangerous and failed to put it down, instead letting it roam again.

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