Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/22/2009 4:44 AM  |  Flag  
Maybe the reports have gone down in number because dangerous dog owners intimidate people that what to report a dangerous dog after an incident. I know this happens in other places. They shouldn't rely on citizens willing to put their life at risk to report a dangerous dog but actively look for those dogs.

Blogger bitbypit  |  3/22/2009 12:15 PM  |  Flag  
Please understand: It is a two-way street for reporting Dangerous Dogs, particularly in a city the size of Wapato (appx 2,000). The city does not have resources to employ an Animal Control department. So the responsibility of answering to dangerous dogs lies solely on the police department's shoulders. As the police chief comments in the article, "the Chief says his officers aren't the dog patrol, so local Pitbull protection really depends on citizens calling in about violations."

Community Blockwatch associations have been around for decades for the purpose of helping police protect communities. The police cannot be everywhere at once. Blockwatch and Crimewatch programs require active members of the community reporting crimes to neighborhood members and the police.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/22/2009 6:03 PM  |  Flag  
The reports have gone down in number because the attacks by pit bulls have gone down!

The pit bull owners have either moved, given their dogs to someone outside the town, or are actually being forced to be responsible and keeping control of their dogs because they know that the second they get caught with an unlicensed pit and an attacked person, they are in deep trouble.

Bans DO work, whether they actually register or not.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/23/2009 12:10 AM  |  Flag  
No doubt the attacks have gone down! GOOD THING they are keeping their pits inside their home (or have moved them out of town) instead of letting them wander the streets -- this is the very point of breed-specific laws.

It is by their own FAILURE of being responsible to begin with that has forced a city to enact such a law.

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