Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/14/2009 2:24 AM  |  Flag  
Pat Sorensen is truly amazing. I am speechless upon watching her video.

She did NOT DESERVE this!

The video said she also suffered injuries to her mouth and teeth. So in addition to the facial surgery she will need oral surgery. Does anyone think this 20 something-year-old couple can afford to pay her massive injury costs -- over how many years?

Outside of Ricky's truck, the two probably have NO ASSETS. And Ricky probably doesn't even own the truck, the bank does. Due to the fact that the two will be charged with a felony, this should give Pat access to the Texas Felony Victim Fund.

Yet who cares about the money!

Why did this have to happen is a better question. Why did 21-year Amanda believe that her "leashed" pit bull was a dog that she could safely handle? Why does any pit bull owner believe this? The dogs can pull, what is it, 6,000 pounds in a weight pull?

I pray for Pat and her family.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/14/2009 4:04 AM  |  Flag  
The groups like Best Friends and Bad Rap (and the breeders, and AKC) that tell impressionable, ignorant 21 year old kids that pit bulls are ok and "just like any other dog" and just "need love" to make them all better SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for these attacks.

They are directly telling people that no special care is needed for pit bulls, and terrible attacks like this result.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/14/2009 4:05 AM  |  Flag  
These dogs jump on people and bite them in the face -- this is what they do. Three adult Texans last week nearly got an eye ball taken out by a pit bull. One of them actually did (the man from Houston). Vets and doctors say that kids -- due to their height -- are at the highest risk for FACIAL TRAUMA in dog attacks. I wonder how many labs and shepherds jump up on an adult body and attack their face? This seems to be yet another pit bull attribute.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/15/2009 7:42 AM  |  Flag  
Breaking containment and administering a Level 5 sustained mauling is the trademark of the Pit Bull.

Regulate Now!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/20/2009 5:20 AM  |  Flag  
Also in the courtroom were Ricky and Amanda Byrd, both in handcuffs and chains. Both Byrds were offered a time to ask the witness questions and they denied. Near the end of the hearing, Amanda Byrd stated, “Just put him (the pit bull dog) down.”

Ricky Byrd also stated, “We are not contesting anything.”


Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/20/2009 10:54 AM  |  Flag  
Good God Texas -- wake up! Start protecting your women and children. Some pit bulls in Smith county just sent Kristin Langston to Mother Frances Hospital with "severe injuries."

The pit bulls responsible for the attack are believed to have attacked another man last year and trapped a neighbor in her car in January.

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