Saturday, January 3, 2009

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/03/2009 4:19 AM  |  Flag  
This Canine IED was picked up by Animal Control back in September and released to its owner who paid a mere $20 impound fee.

Classic Animal Control breakdown!

Anonymous bluesmom  |  1/03/2009 10:07 AM  |  Flag  
You will never read a story like this about any other breed. The need for regulation is clear. The public needs to be protected from property invasion pit bull attacks.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/03/2009 11:33 AM  |  Flag  
The issue isn't simply "owner responsibility", it goes far deeper than that. NO ONE should have a domestic dog who, if it inadvertantly escapes the yard, goes on a killing rampage. I live in a neighborhood with every breed of dog you can imagine, and if one of my neighbors dogs gets loose, my biggest fear is for the dog...that it may get hit by a car. No neighborhood dog poses a risk to my family, or my own dog.

That is key....the pit bull fanatics insist its within their right to keep a dangerous dog, as long as it never gets out of the yard. But, in real life, things happen, and these dogs are strong, athletic and driven when they want to break containment. This is the reason we don't allow people to keep wild animals like lions or tigers in a cage in their backyard, on the "promise" that they will make sure it never gets out. Its understood that the risk is too great.

Its time to confront the problems with breeding dogs whose only purpose is to kill other dogs. These dogs are uniquely dangerous, as they have had self-preservation bred out of them, and often cannot be stopped or discouraged when determined to attack. NONE of the APBT breeders are breeding away from dog aggression...even the so-called responsible pit bull breeders. It is considered a part of the breed standard, an intrinsic part of the breed temperament.

Its also clear that a dog with this sort of genetic drive, if not well-socialized with children of all ages, could view a small child with this level of prey drive, and pose a unique danger to children.

Anonymous Felony  |  1/03/2009 8:06 PM  |  Flag  
Tyler, You are my hero!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/04/2009 3:22 AM  |  Flag  
Breeding dogs with such animal aggression is grotesque and amoral.

Frickin' deviants!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/04/2009 2:43 PM  |  Flag  
In both the UKC and ADBA breed standard, dog aggression is acceptable. NO ONE is currently breeding APBT's or AMstaffs that are not aggressive with other other words, if an APBT or Amstaff is a good conformation prospect, even if it is aggressive toward other dogs....with a pit bulls ability to kill another dog....the pit bull breeder will not object to breeding it.

This would be the so-called responsible breeders. Beyond that, you have the dog fighters, trailer trash, gang members, ghetto trash, and drug dealers, who compromise the majority of breeders. Many of them are breeding deliberately FOR high levels of dog and/or human aggression, or just breeding horribly unstable, inbred dogs to make a few bucks for beer and drug money.

However, according to the pit bull rescuers, pit bulls are magical dogs, unnaffected by unicorns and fairies, they only need love. Even with so many deviants, criminals, and losers breeding them, they are nicer than Golden Retrievers, and make perfect family pets for the average owner. They are simply victims of a vast and global media conspiracy to convince the public that they are vicious. All we need to do is to convince every family in America to adopt one, so we can save the millions upon millions of unwanted, abused, and stray pit bulls. But we can't regulate their breeding, because that would hurt the tender feelings of pit bull owners....

Anonymous ernie  |  1/04/2009 7:56 PM  |  Flag  
Yet again, innocent animals are killed and their loving caretakers are witness to it. Where is the outcry of the so called animal loving pit nutters and dog fighting scum? That's right. They are passing the plate around to save more fight bust dogs. And donating to Allie Renar's organization to make sure that we have plenty more of these tragedies in the future. i would keel over from a heart attack if any of this riff raff ever lifted finger or gave a dime to help a human victim or a cur breed.

My condolences to the Yeoman's and the loss of Emma.

You did good Tyler.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/04/2009 9:07 PM  |  Flag  
The pit bull rescue community is just a servant of the dog fighters and dog breeders.

The Bad Raps of the world are played like puppets on a string by these greedy breeders.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/05/2009 5:46 AM  |  Flag  
Another hero saves girl here:

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/05/2009 5:55 AM  |  Flag  
Elderly Texas man breaks up Level 5mauling:

3 new heros created in the 1st week on 2009...Way to go Pit community!

Anonymous Felony  |  1/06/2009 12:04 AM  |  Flag  
Another pit bull home invasion

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/06/2009 4:44 AM  |  Flag  
4th Pit hero of 2009 here:

Anonymous Anonymous  |  1/08/2009 1:16 AM  |  Flag  
Man stabs his own pit bull to save himself and his kid.

Anonymous Felony  |  1/08/2009 3:55 PM  |  Flag  
This week's stabbing hero:
Douglas Perry, who used to think pit bulls got a bad rap.

best video:

best slide show:


Blogger Sarah  |  2/03/2009 12:28 AM  |  Flag  
Ok - I lived in CC until 2 months ago. I lived there for 4 years. I still work there every day. There were always pits running loose around our house.

My parents rent a house in Carson City next to two aggressive pits. They are scared to death to let their dogs outside for a walk. If you have never been to Carson, Meth is a huge problem. Drugs are a huge problem in NV, and I have found where there are mean dogs like this, there are drugs.Sorry if you disagree, this is my experience.

I think Tyler is a hero. But I'm sorry that he had to stab this dog how many times before it would let go??? I am so sorry he and his family had to go through this ordeal.

If a man broke into your house and tried to kill your family member, what would you do? I, as a very recent citizen of Carson City, am very glad that Tyler was able to kill this dog. It was nothing but a killer, and we are better for Tyler's actions. I am sorry for his family's loss.

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