Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/09/2008 2:45 AM  |  Flag  
Another Level 5...which sounds like it could become a Level 6. Thanks Pit Breeders!

Dr. Ian Dunbar's Six Levels (degrees) of Bites:

Level 1: This bite does not touch the skin. The dog is air biting or snapping.

Level 2: This bite makes contact with the skin, but doesn't break the skin. Pain and bruising may result, but no abrasions will be visible.

Level 3: This bite ranges from a one to three punctures in a single bite with on puncture less than ½ the depth of the eye-tooth (fang) with or without some tearing.

Level 4: The dog is putting great pressure into the bite. 1 to 4 puncture wounds with or without tearing, more than ½ the depth of the eye tooth. This is usually accompanied with bruising and likely to require medical attention. These injuries suggest the dog grabbed and shook what was in it's mouth.

Level 5: Multiple level 4 bites. This dog is usually beyond the ability to reason and may feel his/her life is threatened.

Level 6: The dog has killed.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/09/2008 10:57 AM  |  Flag  
Reading this story, I couldn't help but think, “What if this had been my mother or someone else close to me?”

It seems a miracle that retribution hasn't been dealt to a pit bull owner by a victim's family member. I, for one, don't think I could rely on the system alone, or keep a cool, rational mind in such circumstances.

We know pit bull owners roll the dice, but do they really understand the stakes?

They should make sure their pit bull chooses its victim, wisely.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/09/2008 5:19 PM  |  Flag  
That's why around here we call the owners Wicker Men, being that they are the most obvious choice of sacrifice. It takes a mean mauling for the law to even take a glance at what's happening.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/10/2008 7:09 AM  |  Flag  
And remember the elderly woman in Virginia who was killed along with her little dog in her own driveway just GETTING HER MAIL

or the elderly man putting up Christmas decorations

And the countless children attacked while playing in their yard, walking to school, waitibg for a schol bus, at school, in their house by a dog that broke through a door to get them

It's an endless list

This is a kind of war that is going on in too much of our country, where the killers can surface at any time while people are just trying to live their lives, even on their own property

It is getting to the point that people need to be ARMED to go about their daily business

And yet the breeders want it to go on this way, and too often legislators and animal control let it happen

So how many more will die or be ripped to shreds while authorities sit around, gossiping with breeder lobbying front groups about "dog racism" and other ridiculous, concocted things

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