Monday, May 26, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/27/2008 3:50 AM  |  Flag  
Why is there even a fine structure which considers a third attack in the first place?!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/17/2009 3:57 PM  |  Flag  
Increase in dog fines, from $25 to $50 dollars! My goodness, how outrageously proactive (NOT!)

Fines up in new dog law

"The Mohawk Town Board passed a new local dog control law at Thursday's town meeting, which will mean stiffer fines for violations. The board unanimously passed the local law, which will increase the fines from the previous law that was enacted in 1992..."

"First offenses will carry a fine of up to $50, second offenses will carry fines of $50 to $100, while third-time offenders could face fines between $100 to $200...The previous law charges owners $25 when their dogs are picked up by the town dog warden and taken to Ayres Animal Shelter."

Blogger Packhorse  |  7/27/2011 8:45 AM  |  Flag  
Low priority for animal welfare = low priority for human welfare.

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