Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/07/2008 4:56 PM  |  Flag  
I'll take a wild guess...

Pit owner Michael Connor has no insurance no a pot to pee in to make restitution....

Anonymous Trigger  |  5/07/2008 5:16 PM  |  Flag  
That's right. Looks like taxpayers will have to pay for the dog owner's criminal hearings and possible jail time, in addition to Steve's medical costs. Steve's at least 12-18k in already. Let's not forget the several "dangerous dog" hearings for the happy tail wagger and euthanization costs -- this has to be paid for too. Not by the dog owner of course, but by all of us.

Anonymous David  |  5/07/2008 6:12 PM  |  Flag  
I just live thirty miles from there. I know there was a shot fired to scare off a pit bull in our city park within the last couple months and several people have their guns close at hand. It is just a matter of time until somebody in our town has to shoot one of these dogs.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/08/2008 7:34 AM  |  Flag  
Another "typical" pit bull owner...

I am so tired of so-called "responsible" pit bull owners crying over the discrimination they face. Note to pit bull want to own a dog that is associated with drug-dealers, meth-heads, losers, criminals, and dogfighters? That is the image you want to project to the world? Deal with it. I have lived in urban areas where pit bull= criminal. You picked a dog that is considered a gang member accessory....don't try to tell us that the dogs just need "PR". I am not going to waste my time on you and your "well-behaved" pit bull, because I have a lifetime of experience that has taught me that 95% of pit bull owners are bad news. I owe you nothing.

If you own a pit bull, I know all I need to know about you.

Anonymous Dude I Bagged Ur Pit  |  5/08/2008 12:37 PM  |  Flag  
Add "opening a car door" to the list of 4,999 things most likely to set off a pit bull.

I'd gloat about reaching a nice round number like 5,000, but I know pit bulls will reveal another dozen triggers by the end of the week.

I bent over to tie my shoes and suddenly...
I sneezed and the pit bull...
I waved to my neighbor when...
My cell phone rang, causing the pit bull to...
And now, "When we opened the car door, the pit bull..."

Finally, I have to give props where they're due! 'Anonymous' provides the line of the day: "If you own a pit bull, I know all I need to know about you." (Bah-hahahahaha... Amen!)

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