Friday, April 4, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/04/2008 4:05 AM  |  Flag  
Seminole Indian Reservation again..Something stinks!

Anonymous Trigger  |  4/04/2008 11:16 AM  |  Flag  
Very smelly. Drug running, pit bull running institute? Anything can happen on a reservation, governed by their own laws? I wonder how authorities even got the dog from that shelter.

Blogger bitbypit  |  4/04/2008 12:04 PM  |  Flag  
View Map of Towns & Reservations
The Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation lies right between the two counties we've been reading about, Pt. of St. Lucie and Collier. There's been a lot of news from the Hollywood area as well...

Port of St. Lucie County (Southeast)
Ft. Pierce (County Seat)
Lakewood Park

Collier County (Southwest)
Naples (County Seat)
Golden Gate Estates

Anonymous schultz  |  4/04/2008 12:12 PM  |  Flag  
home of the barney fife school of law enforcement.

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