Friday, March 7, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/07/2008 1:50 AM  |  Flag  
This type of case is exactly where the SPCA belongs - dog fighting and animal cruelty.

It does NOT belong in a city council meeting fiercely lobbying officials against adopting pit bull specific ordinances even though the city has suffered a high number of attacks from them.

The SPCA's agenda is questionable to be sure. They would rather that communities treat pit bulls the same way we treat pugs (All dogs are equal! If you LOVE a pit bull it will not be a threat!)

By the same token, the SPCA is very aware of inherent pit bull characteristics, specifically their high prey-drive and animal aggression, the very traits that place domesticated pets and livestock at risk!

Why would an agency so intensely protect a dog breed that consistently kills other animals? The supposed goal of "no animal kill" is clearly being undermined!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  3/07/2008 8:12 AM  |  Flag  
Like it or not they are part of the $40 Billion a year Pet Care industry. Getting dog safety information from them is like getting Lung Cancer info from the tobacco companies.

Anonymous schultz  |  3/12/2008 2:33 PM  |  Flag  
today, the scumbags that were keeping the bolio blood flowing were officially charged.
see details here:

i love these photos! these people remind me of an x-files episode where the mutant family kept their mother with no arms and no legs under the bed.

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