Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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Anonymous Dee  |  2/19/2008 11:17 AM  |  Flag  
The battle is on now! Go Mr. Bankhead go!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  2/19/2008 12:20 PM  |  Flag  
It is horribly offensive to equate minorities with dogs by labeling BSL as "racist". These are domesticated animals, for God's sake!!! I have no idea how anyone, in this day and age, gets away with comparing dogs to religious and ethnic minorities.

Is it "racist" to say that retrievers retrieve? That hounds bay? Of all the stupid, offensive arguments the pro-pit lobby come up with, this is the worst.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  2/20/2008 2:43 AM  |  Flag  
You all don't get it! Any good trait comes from breeding and genetics.... The maulings and grotesquely explosive dog aggression come from lack of hugs and kisses.

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