2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Pregnant Pacifica Woman Killed by Family Pit Bull

Darla Napora, 32-years old, and her unborn child were killed by her beloved pit bull. Victim Bled to Death UPDATE 08/15/11: According to a preliminary investigation by the San Mateo County coroner's office, Darla Napora died of blood loss and shock. Her husband Greg returned home at noon that day and found her unconscious with the couple's male pit bull, Gunner, standing over her body. Dog bite experts concluded that Gunner was the sole attacker. Presuming that a DNA test is n… [Read full blog post]

Cities with Successful Pit Bull Laws; Data Shows Breed-Specific Laws Work

Tracking Results: 2006 to Present Day Read about breed-specific legislation with strong results. Well-written pit bull ordinances save the lives of children, adults, senior citizens and beloved pets. Pit Bull Laws Save Lives DogsBite.org - Cities and counties in at least 14 states report successful results after enacting a breed-specific ordinance. These states include: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Penn… [Read full blog post]

Indianapolis Councillor Files 'At Risk' Dog Proposal Today

Pro-Human and Pro-HumaneIndianapolis, IN - City-County Council Member Mike Speedy intends to file his "At Risk" dog proposal today in an effort to address the city's growing number of pit bull attacks. Speedy made the announcement yesterday while standing in front of the home of Brenda Hill, a woman who lost part of her leg after two pit bulls attacked her in January. "We've tried outreach. We've tried education. But we need to admit that (pit bull advocates) need our legisla… [Read full blog post]

Little Rock Pit Bull Law Shows Results; Indy Proposes Similar Law

Snip the Pits Law Indianapolis, IN - It was recently reported that Indianapolis council member Mike Speedy plans to introduce an "At-Risk" dog ordinance that would require pit bulls to be spay or neutered. The proposal comes two months after Brenda Hill suffered a partial leg amputation after being attacked by two pit bulls. The proposal also follows a 2006 non breed-specific ordinance, which has proven to be ineffective, as well as other serious, unprovoked pit bull attac… [Read full blog post]