2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Dies After Being Bitten by Family Dog

Aiden Jonathon Grim, 3-days old, died after being bitten by a family dog. No Criminal Charges UPDATE 02/09/16: No criminal charges will be filed in connection to the death of a newborn that was bitten on the head by a family dog and died, according to Youngstown police. The decision comes after the Mahoning County Coroner's Office ruled the manner of death as accidental. Virtually all dog attacks resulting in death are ruled as accidental; that fact alone does not dismiss crim… [Read full blog post]

2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Baby Dies in Columbus, Injuries Consistent with Dog Attack

Autopsy Results UPDATE 12/11/13: Autopsy results confirmed that dog bites caused the death of a 3-month old girl. Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak said that Mia Gibson died from internal injuries due to dog bites. The baby died on Tuesday at Nationwide Children’s Hospital at about 7:45 am. Her mother found her on the floor next to the living-room couch where her father was sleeping just before 7:00 am. Mia had fallen from the couch and was fatally injured by the family's two… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Ohio Newborn Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix

The pit bull seen in quarantine at the Allen County pound (video/Hometown Stations). Blade Republishes UPDATE 05/21/12: After pulling their first story, the Toledo Blade, we refer to as the Yellow or Biased Toldeo Blade, republished under a new title. This news entity has a long history of not just pushing the pro-pit bull cause, but was instrumental in bringing down former Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon and ensuring the passage of legislation that repealed Ohio's lon… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Amarillo Newborn Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix

Family Makes Plea UPDATE 10/05/11: The infant in the most recent fatality has been identified as Mya Maria Maeda. Susan Glenn, Mya's aunt, complains to News Channel 10 that the family has now been victimized too. Glenn is asking the public (presumably pit bull advocates who have left mean spirited comments in mauling threads) to stop attacking the baby's mother, Monique Hernandez, and to realize Mya's death was an "accident." Glen says they are also asking officials to be "u… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: 9-Day Old Infant Mauled to Death by Family Dogs

Second Arrest UPDATE 09/21/11: A second arrest has been made in connection to the death of a 9-day old baby mauled to death by family dogs. The grandfather of the infant, Nelson Ernest Camerino, 49-years old, was arrested Tuesday and charged with involuntary manslaughter. According to the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, he is in Bladen County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond. Addyson Camerino died after being attacked by a group of family dogs August 30. 09/19/11: D.A. Is… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Two-Week Old Baby Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix

Victim Identified UPDATE 09/05/11: Authorities have identified the infant who died early Sunday after being mauled by a dog. Brayden McCollen was in a baby carrier on the floor in a room at his family's home in Cypress when the dog began sniffing the newborn then mauling him. A spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Thomas Gilliland, said the baby's mother was outside at the time, watching him through a window. The dog pushed through a pair of French doors to reach th… [Read full blog post]