Dogfighter Bill Stewart Kills Himself After Criminal Operation Discovered

From left: Bill Stewart, Pit Bull Reporter, seized marijuana and firearms. "Rushin Bill" Romance, AR - It is reported that the editor and publisher of dogfighting magazine, Pit Bull Reporter1, Bill Stewart (aka "Rushin Bill")2 shot himself to death. The incident began after a grass fire broke out on Stewart's property. When crews arrived to distinguish the fire, they discovered $124,000 of marijuana, more than 40 guns, pit bulls and a dogfighting ring. Just after the disc… [Read full blog post]

Drugs, Violence, Criminals and Pit Bulls -- Can They Be Separated?

No They Cannot St. Paul, MN - The modern, intricate woven link that ties drugs, violence, criminals and pit bulls together began in earnest approximately in the late 1970s. The historic links amongst gambling, violence and pit bulls (dogfighting) began two centuries ago. One can only presume that criminals were drawn to the "pit bull trade" back then as well. Below is yet another everyday occurrence of drugs, violence, criminals and pit bulls. The four elements are nearly i… [Read full blog post]

Mendocino Pot Dogs (Pit Bulls) Killing More Horses and Goats

Authorities Issue Alert Laytonville, CA - Mendocino County authorities issued an alert warning residents that two pot dogs (pit bulls) are believed to have killed two miniature horses and attacked some pygmy goats. In an earlier post, we wrote about the medical marijuana pot gardens in Mendocino County and the large number of stray pit bulls that are likely the result of these facilities. Authorities believe that after the annual harvest, growers set the "crop guarding" c… [Read full blog post]