Family of Mauling Death Victim Awaits Apology from Dogs' Owner

Denise's son shown hugging her casket during funeral services. Pit Bulls Seized Chaguanas, Trinidad - On Monday, 46-year old Denise Rackal was brutally mauled to death by a pack of pit bulls belonging to Chaguanas police officer Daryl La Pierre.1 Rackal, a security guard with Personal Safety and Security Training Company Limited, had been walking to work at the time of the incident. According to neighbors, the same dogs killed 15 dogs last year and attacked two people.2 Rac… [Read full blog post]

Malaysian City Bans Seven Dangerous Dog Breeds; Includes American Bulldog

Unmanageable Breeds Subang Jaya, MY - The City of Subang Jaya has banned seven dangerous dog breeds: American bulldog, American pit bull, Japanesa tosa, Neapolitan mastiff, akita, dogo argentino and fila brasileiro. The ban is in immediate effect and operations are underway to check residential areas for them. The ban stems from a directive by the Selangor Veterinary Department that classifies the dogs as "predisposed to aggressive or dangerous behavior."1 Subang Jay… [Read full blog post]

Ontario Gets it Right, Again: Denies Cesar Millan's Pit Bull Entry into Province

True Alpha Dog Ontario, CA - The Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario, Canada recently told "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan that he was welcome in the province for a press tour, but that his pit bull was not. In 2005, under the Dog Owners' Liability Act, Ontario banned pit bulls. Attorney General Chris Bentley recently stated, "We have a piece of legislation and it applies to all. We don't amend it on the fly. We respect the law and we expect the law applies equally to all." Part… [Read full blog post]

Ecuador Joins International Trend: Bans Pit Bulls and Rottweilers as Pets

Mixed Breeds Included Ecuador - The country of Ecuador is set to ban rottweilers and pit bull terriers as pets, Quito-based newspaper El Comercio reported, citing the health and agriculture ministries. The new rule, which also includes dogs interbred with the two types, will go into effect in March. Care of dogs used by police and private security companies will also be regulated. The ban was announced after a child in Quito was killed by two pit bulls four months ago. Ecuador… [Read full blog post]