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4 thoughts on “How Germany Regulates Dangerous Dog Breeds -- Reader Provides Translation

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  1. Brilliant piece of legislation.

    Unfortunately, IMHO, the political/social conditions in the US are so broken that we can't even get AC to enforce existing laws, let alone find legislators with the spine to pass effective new ones.

  2. We also need people to march in the streets as they did in Germany to light a fire under the legislators' seats.

    The pit bull advocates, for so long, could just shout down the one person here and there who spoke up as victims. They really were able to turn it around and tell the victim that it was their fault for being attacked.

    They would turn on owners who said they were responsible and the pit attacked anyway. They would say you were irresponsible.

    It really has been a big shouting match that nutters have been winning for a while now.

    Its time to say the emperor has no clothes.

  3. Thats it – I am moving to Germany!

    However, instead of making such a drastic lifestyle change, we should organize a march, petition our reps and congressmen and harness the social media landscape to counter this minority that pretends to have such an imposing voice.
    What else can we do?

  4. Obviously our government is corrupt (cite recent news), so how are we supposed to be dealing with real problems??!! I live in Atlanta, GA, USA, and I can see this breeding problem getting only worse as human beings globally become more urban. And no, I'm not using "urban" to mean people of color. I'm a professional geographer, and it is a fact that humans are shifting from agriculture-based to urban-based worldwide (see UN statistics). I personally witnessed some breeder dumping puppies in our neighborhood, and I adopted one of them. She's 3 years old, my baby, and turning into a monster in front of my eyes. It's painful.

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