Dog Attacks Child 2 Days in a Row; Grandmother Faces Felony

"Lab-Mix" Game Birdsview, WA - Earlier this month, a 9-month old girl was bitten several times over two days by her grandmother's dog, causing back-to-back injuries. The grandmother, DeEtta DeZarn, was charged with assault for criminal negligence after the baby spent nine days in the hospital. Media reports labeled the dog a "Rhodesian Ridgeback and Labrador mix." But the infant’s mother is recently quoted in court documents as saying the dog is "one half pit bull." So did… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 7-Month Old Boy Killed by Great-Grandmother's Pit Bulls in San Antonio

Izaiah Cox, 7-months old, was killed by his great-grandmother's two pit bulls. Great-Grandmother Named UPDATE 04/01/09: The grandmother has been identified as the toddler's 58-year old great-grandmother, Irma Barrera.1 Her two pit bulls, Cane and Wrinkle, were both male and unaltered. Barrera said she placed the baby on her bed then went into the kitchen to get a bottle for the baby. That's when the pit bulls broke through the baby gate and attacked the infant. Barrera sai… [Read full blog post]