Comment: Pit Bulls and Thoroughbreds Were Selected for 'Performance'

In response to the recent mauling of mailman Jeff Glen, a commenter has left a beautifully articulated response. Commenter Doug draws on the parallel example of the equine world to discuss the genetic heritage of pit bulls. Both animals underwent performance selection over many years to produce an unmatched breed: the ultimate canine warrior and the fastest horse on earth. Neither animal was selected on the basis of "human friendliness." Pit Bulls Were Sele… [Read full blog post]

Comment: Pit Bull Owners Consistently Blame Victims

Wendy and Charlotte Blevins at Creighton Medical Center after the attack. - A comment was recently left at about Tina Agerson's pit bull that suddenly attacked Charlotte Blevins and ripped off her scalp. The commenter, who is presumably a pit bull advocate, blames Charlotte's mother. The cruel accusation voiced by the commenter is universal amongst comments that we do not publish at So that readers can understand this spiteful m… [Read full blog post]

Comment: Why Do Many Pit Bull Advocates Tolerate, Protect, and Enable 'Dogmen'? - Many comments have come in regarding our recent post about the seizure of Ed Faron's dogs at Wildside Kennels. There are too many good comments to bring to the central blog page. We hope that by bringing this one, readers continue the conversation. (We have added hyperlinks to help readers reference related content). This particular comment focuses on the $64,000 question: Why do many pit bull advocates continue to tolerate, protect and enable the "dogmen"?… [Read full blog post]