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17 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Pair of Pit Bulls in Snyder, Texas; Dog Owner Admits his Pit Bulls were the Culprits

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  1. Wikipedia:

    “In 2023, Snyder was ranked as the 16th Worst place to live and 2nd Most dangerous according to KQVT and Norada Real Estate Investments.”

    • My brother Toby Berkley didn’t deserve to get killed and it wasn’t just the dogs fault it was foul play and the owner is the main one who is at fault and it’s other people who saw and watched my brother suffer and didn’t even help my brother the police are covering up for Marco Aguirre cause he is a state wide informant and the sad thing about it is he has a warrant and the police made contact with him and didn’t even arrest that killer and the police are telling him how they are claiming my brother died and that’s cold heartless ass people involved even the Snyder laws but if it takes every bit of life i have in me every one will pay for there part they had in my brother’s death and they better put murder charges on people who were involved and Marco Aguirre better pray he gets murder charges I’ll fight and get justice for my brother the police will have there day on judgement day it wasn’t just a random dog attack it was foul play involved how can the police say My brother was walking by and was randomly attacked Snyder police y’all need to stop lieing as well i have so much hate anger and pain inside of my heart towards anyone who is protecting Marco Aguirre and not doing there job I’m on the verge of getting more Media involved in this shit ain’t right at all justice will get set and police will loose there job

  2. Another day another fatal pitbull killing .why would Marco forced his pitbull to kill a men and this not the first time he done it multiple times is he a nutcase I’m surprise that he dogs didn’t turn on him and kill him he’s one lucky fool.

  3. Obviously there needs to be more investigation on this case. What is obvious is that a man died from a dog attack.

    This stuff is scary. Why should anyone be killed by dogs when walking down a road? This happens too often.

    Last year when I was walking down a road at night looking for assistance, I thought about the danger of vicious dogs attacking me.
    This town is pretty safe, but is any place in the USA today safe from these dogs? (A small town America police officer picked me up with no ID, no money, no credit cards, no cellphone, and a walker and took me to my destination.)

  4. This is why I have a weapon IN MY HAND and ready to use. Too many people near me have pits or other aggressive dogs behind FOUR FOOT FENCES they could easily get over. The best solution is END the dogs when they attack or do as much damage to them as possible. If this happened routinely people would put their dogs up properly more often.

    • God forbid you ever have to shoot a pit or 3 as soon as you have stopped the dog’s attack start watching out for the owner.
      Many times they are just as dangerous as the dogs.

      • Yes, it’s a MUST read. However, the author of this insanity might do well to give no further interviews. Have his two dogs been confiscated?

      • “I take full responsibility but I don’t take responsibility”.

        Do words even have meaning in his world?

        He is trying for the SODDI defense, that is Some Other Dog Did It at least that what I assume “there are other dogs involved” means.

        This next part is something else:
        “He was a good friend and loud but he always looked out with the right words when he talked to me. What I’m saying he was a close friend and he knew me at a close level were I took his words and used them as tools.”

        So I assume he is implying if Toby didn’t “look out with the right words” when he spoke that he would have siced his dogs on him?

        Shame he wasn’t able to use any of Toby’s words as tools to build a fence that could hold his maulers.

        This guy checks off so many pit bull owner stereotypes.

        Proud gang member? Check
        Has trouble with homophones? Check
        Thinks homophone is an insult? Also Check.

        BTW his pics and videos are full of those dogs.

    • Actually, there are a lot of Pit bull owners who don’t fit the Marco profile.

      The real tragedy is our collective cognitive dependence on the canine for mental solace.

      Time to open our eyes and end the delusion.

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