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8 thoughts on “Family Shares Account After Dog Survives Violent Pit Bull Attack; Layla is Currently Recovering

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  1. I keep reiterating this.

    If a dog is dangerously dog aggressive, it’s human aggressive, or will be, soon.

    Because sooner or later, a human will be forced to intervene between the aggressive dog and its target. This can happen with cats, too.

    No neighbourhood is without cats, dogs and children anywhere on this planet. Instead of encouraging “fixing” seriously violent dogs, such as pitbulls, we should be encouraging owners not to live their lives in fear of their own pets but to encourage them to euthanize dangerous dogs and buy dogs that will add positive experiences to their lives.

    I’ve talked to dog owners that have been stuck with horror dogs for more than a decade. They live in misery. The dog is in misery. The neighbourhood lives in fear. It’s not worth it.

    It’s heart wrenching for dog lovers to know when a perfectly friendly neighbourhood dog is physically and/or psychologically destroyed by a breed that has zero use outside a dogfighting ring.

    And dogfighting is illegal.

  2. File a lawsuit! Don’t drop this issue, please. Do not allow Animal Control to ignore you, put pressure on them until you get action. Ask for a copy of their report. In fact, insist on it. One of the problems with these incidents is people are reluctant to follow through for whatever reason. Ask everyone who witnessed the attack to write a statement. Get those in the proper format if possible. For example;
    On Thursday 1-14-2023 at noon approximately
    I witnessed the black and white pitbull named Duke, belonging to Jane Doe who lives at 128 E 11th St, attack my neighbors GSP named Layla.
    This attack was completely unprovoked. Layla was on a leash when Duke grabbed her by the chest and shook her. Several people intervened and were successful in stopping Duke eventually.

    This gives you the ammunition you need to recover your veterinary expenditures and cash for emotional trauma.
    Don’t delay. Find a good lawyer and file suit. Immediate action helps all of us put pressure on Pitbull apologists.

  3. The new norm of dog ownership in the US (and likely elsewhere) is running a daily risk of losing your dog to a massive predator attack. It’s unreal. And unsustainable. The pit bull ownership has only made the gains it’s made because the larger dog community helped. This is to some extent irreversible because the big organizations – the AKC, the AVMA, etc. – are firmly entrenched in pittie advocacy. But the owners? I think there’s a real reckoning coming because the costs of pit bulls have gotten so high. And next time, the dog owners are not going to be on the pit bulls’ side. They never had the numbers to do this themselves, and they’ve made far more enemies than friends.

    • Sara, that’s been my take on it for ages. Someone can’t love dogs and claim to love pitbulls as pitbulls are the number one breed that maims and kills other dogs.

      Dogs are bred for purpose. A pitbull’s purpose is to kill other dogs. It’s not complicated.

      As a dog owner, it’s beyond irritating and sometimes scary to go out walking with a friendly pet and spend the entire time dodging pitbulls and pitbull mixes.

      • Right??? I’ve had to go around trees, almost run out into traffic, duck between cars… all that and more when out with my two smaller dogs to avoid pits/mixes and other bloodsport beasts people were walking in a very loose, casual way that clearly showed they had ZERO control. Am I afraid? No, not for me. I will defend my boys with my life, and my worst fear is something happening to THEM and being unable to save them.

        How are all these imbecile pit lovers not terrified to have these things in their homes with everything that’s out there to learn about their most “precious” breed? Can you really still hide from and deny it all at this point and not just look ridiculous? Or even criminally responsible.

        And I agree. No true dog lover could ever *love* or would choose to house the type of dog that was created to KILL OTHER DOGS!

  4. I’m so glad that Layla will be fine. The damage from the shake can be as severe or more severe than the bites. Back in 1988 when my dad was cultivating his field with his tractor and Digger, the beagle mix, following, Digger who weighed about 25 pounds was picked up by the back of her neck by the neighbor’s male pitbull puppy and severely flung back and forth. Her neck muscles were destroyed. They looked like cooked meat. Digger could not survive. I called the police. An article on Digger was printed on the front page of the Noblesville Ledger.
    The pitbull’s owner shot his dog and paid the veterinary bill.

    Carry a break stick and a gun.

    As a veterinarian, I’ve seen many dog bites. None could have prepared me for seeing Digger’s injury, and my old farmer dad had gotten the pitbull off Digger. (Farmers don’t give up very easily.). My dad could have been killed.

    • How about a combination gun/break stick? Kind of make things easier, don’t you think Rachel?

      “Don’t leave home without it. The latest “must have” accessory that’ll simplify your daily walking ritual. Have you ever had this happen to you on your morning walk?

      “Ow..pit bull. I’m being bitten and I can’t get up.”

      With Magnumstick-45. , along with a simple twist and a pop, you’re back on your feet in no time. Guaranteed. How about one for each member of the family? Don’t forget our fifth for Free offer. But wait, there’s more….How does an included hundred rounds of .45 acp strike you? Not enough you say? Two hundred? Three? Call now and get 500 rounds for FREE! ”

      Everyone walking around with a gun and a break stick.

      Kind of makes Chairman Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” plan to smelt steel look tame by comparison.

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