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8 thoughts on “Chilling Video Captures Pit Bull Attacking Man and His Cavapoo in Bensenville, Illinois; Victim Shares Account of the Attack

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  1. USA really need to do something about these loose pitbull or pet pitbull. It will hurt or killed anyone in it sight no matter it a human being or animals.I can’t imagine the poor men effort to saved his beloved doggy .let me guess the owner of the beast is going to blame David or the tiny dog.

  2. A small dog doesn’t stand a chance against a pit bull running loose. I have a bigger dog but walk with a weapon IN MY HAND due to the idiot pit owners around me with low fences or who have their dogs out front with them unleashed and untethered in violation of the local municipal code.

  3. I can’t watch, just the description is too much. My deepest sympathies to Kali’s owners. How insane is it that dog owners have to scan the area like Secret Service agents just to talk their dogs now? I hate what pit bull ownership has done to our culture.

  4. Doesn’t this kind of story play out tens of thousands of times per year in the US? That’s what I remember reading. If that large group of victims were to get organized, they might be able to get something done about the problem of killer dogs in places where people live.

  5. Not going to watch the video. I already have seen too much during my career. I caution people about watching these disturbing videos. You can NEVER un-see it. You can never un-hear it. I have been involved in trying to wrestle a male pitbull away from killing HIS OWN female puppy. We managed to save her when he had torn enough skin loose that he had to let go for a moment to get a better bite. I was young and fit, my work partner was younger and as fit as I, and we could NOT kick him, hit him, or drown him enough to stop him. It’s mind boggling how impossible it is to stop these animals! Yet people continue to defend them…
    I have spoken out on this subject on other forums, the backlash from some people is staggering.
    I really wish the Bennards would share their story, with pictures, of what their beloved “house lions” did to their children and those children’s mother. Might move the needle for someone.

  6. I can’t play this video as I know it will heartbreaking and scarring. Even though the pit owner appears to not have another they Ed is a good chance he does. I used to live in a city in which at all times there about 8 pits living on my block. Many never went outside, even in fenced yards. Some I only say once every several years. Some neighbors I had no idea they had one because it was never seen. Prior to living in the city, I did not know this was possible.

  7. Yes, I watched.

    I keep trying warn people, it’s NOT just that pitbulls are dangerous to other dogs–they’re a danger to the other dog owners trying to save their dogs. When a dog is that focused on a target, anything that gets between it and its obsession is in danger.

    We live in *communities*.

    Pitbulls don’t belong there. Communities are full of other dogs, cats, assorted livestock (sometimes), children and seniors/disabled. Any dog that views them as prey is not a pet.

    Any dog that is dangerous to *any* of the above is a danger to everyone in that community. Yes, some breeds of dogs might chase cats or try to herd the neighbourhood ducks. There’s a vast difference between that and a dog bred to *maul* all of the above.

    How anyone can justify “oh it’s just dog aggression” when some family’s beloved friendly pet is torn asunder by a pitbull right in front of them–as if pitbulls have some kind of constitutional right to live in human communities–staggers logic.|

    The excuses won’t fly with me. “Oh the little dog barked” or whatever. Nonsense. Little dogs barked at all the big (some protection-trained) dogs I’ve ever owned and the worst that ever happened was a paw swat.

    David, I’m so sorry your family lost their lovely little dog in such a horrifying manner to an apex predator that had zero business living in your neighbourhood. Thanks for posting.

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