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13 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: 63-Year Old Man Dies 2 Months After Pit Bull Attack in West Philadelphia

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    Anyone could be disoriented in this endless sea of the same front yards and apartments.

    This gardens are so small even for a rabbit. Imagine 5 large dogs in it. The absurdity of “protection” role is obvious …Now their property was “protected” at the cost of a innocent human life and two months of suffering in hospital.

    • The cost of the hospital bills and 15 surgeries are unthinkable. Tax payers will have to pick up that bill. If beagles had been in that yard, this wouldn’t have happened. He didn’t even have the ability to scream…

  2. It is absolutely horrific and heartbreaking! 💔 Poor man suffered for two months. No one should own one of those savage beasts and especially not five or more. On my local lost/found FB page, someone posted a picture of eight loose pit savages in their neighborhood. Fortunately, several miles away. Lots of commenters said that the savages were always getting loose and roaming. Dangerous and disgusting. Backyard breeders, no kill shelters and the “save them all” mentality is infuriating.

  3. Poor man to died a painful not by one vicious pitbull but four .Antonio couldn’t scream because he non verbal due to his stroke make it worse and to suffer for two months until he died by his injurie was the worst way to died.why on earth would someone choose to have five dogs at once the barking alone would drive me nuts.he or she thought it was awesome idea to own five dangerous vicious dog breed.I wonder what he or she tried to prove y’all all pitbull hater look I own five and they never bite me they have no mean bone In them pitbull aren’t aggressive dog breed.

  4. I’m from Philly, and this is just awful. That poor man suffered so much. There is definitely NOT room for 5 pit bulls in a Philadelphia row home, growing up all my friends lived in them, and the yards are extremely small. But no one should ever have 5 pit bulls. Or even one, but that’s dreaming.

  5. What a terrible tragedy for these sweet sisters and this man’s entire family. This poor soul made a mistake and needlessly endured so much suffering and now death. The only thing that’s good is two of the savages are dead. God knows where the others are? No charges have been filed. No surprise there. I’m also glad the news station followed up. We hear of so many attacks and not a lot of follow-up. May this man rest in peace.

    • I’m also so thankful the follow-up was actually reported. It seems to occur so rarely. A fatal pit mauling occurred near my hometown last month and I have been unable to find any kind of follow-up info on it. I wrote to a news reporter practically pleading with her to cover the story more thoroughly and provided ample statistics and information on pitbull attacks. She never wrote back. Why don’t these victims’ lives matter more to the news media?!

      • Because the horrible deed was done by a dog.

        And we must not criticize the almighty doG. The cult of doG forbids such things.

        • I still love (most)(non-pit) dogs, but I despise dog culture. It’s insane… the level of anthropomorphism, the worship. Even the misanthropy that accompanies it for some. Symptomatic of cultural rot. And the reality that we are made to worship and people are going to worship something if they’re not worshipping God.

        • This is always food for thought. I bet there are many more babies/children/family member’s deaths that are not reported to the public. The media does not seek out these stories. If they did, they would lose viewers and advertising dollars. When they do report, it’s a one and done “accident” or “tragic incident.” As we know, from this site, it’s a systemic problem. When we look at many of the Gofundme sites, so often the cause of death in never mentioned. The reporting we read here digs deeper, e.g. revealing how many actual fatalities were never reported during the pandemic. Which leads me to believe that may be the tip of the iceberg. Yes, we’re dealing with a cult where the almighty doG is worshipped and adored. Even after an 89 year-old grandmother is horribly mauled to death, we hear utter nonsense about how much the doG loved her. Jim Jones, anyone?

          • The only reason why we know about the 89-year old attack is because the dog fled afterward and was running loose, thus causing a police press release. Otherwise, that might have been another undisclosed to the public fatal pit bull mauling of an elderly family member.

        • I’m a humanist. I love dogs.

          But I am not going to let humans be slaughtered by them. I fight back when humans murder humans. I am anti-war because it’s humans (and generally civilians) who die the most, in them.

          I don’t want humans terrorized by other humans, never mind by something put forward as a “pet”.

          I honestly cannot comprehend the so-called morality that allows for seniors and babies to be terrorized and killed by fighting/war dogs in civilian life.

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