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11 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Dog Attacks and Kills Owner, a 62-Year Old Man, in Castaic, California

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  1. I went to a house today looking for something advertised on craigslist. I was told I could not enter the house due to pitbulls inside. Some folks are responsible.

    • Whew! You have more courage than I have. I told friends this week I wasn’t going to view OfferUp to find a secondhand item. Too dangerous.

  2. I know this is wrong to said but I don’t care I get a happy feeling that the owner died instead a innocent baby or a bystander. I wonder what was he thinking about getting a vicious dog breed like a pitbull instead of getting basset hound .now his preference got him killed sad that he died but I don’t have any empathy for Robert Stevens.

    • In a world of pitbull lovers, many people believe that pitbulls are safe pets. I will never be happy to see any people or animals
      mauled and/or killed by these animals.

      In this case, maybe the dog belonged to a son or daughter. There is so much we don’t know. However, being tortured to death by a dog will never be acceptable.

      The man killed by this pitbull truly didn’t believe the dog could kill him. He was guilty of ignorance.

    • I agree with you, Madeleine. This is yet another case of winning stupid prizes after playing stupid games.

      People, if you really want dogs, and note that I used the word “want” because no one needs a dog, purchase one that isn’t likely to kill you.

  3. People don’t research breeds of dogs before getting dogs.
    They generally choose dogs by size, coat type, and what looks cute to them. They don’t ask vets for their opinions. They don’t know anything about training.

    Consider the woman with an eight month old female Pomeranian with a dirty butt.
    Having cleaned up the mess, the owner called the clinic asking what the hole was at the top where the two legs meet. When pet owners are that dumb, what do you expect?

    One owner chose a vicious eight week old Cairn terrier for a pet. The dog couldn’t be treated for a seizure disorder because he was vicious. I told the owners to never take home any vicious puppy. They had thought this Cairn terrier’s attitude was cute when they bought him.

    Another man, a double amputee with PTSD, chose a Siberian husky for a Service Dog. How could he catch an escape artist with two above knee amputations?

    People choose their dogs for dumb reasons. When people are killed in their homes by their dogs, they were stupid for having the dog. They deserve our compassion. .

  4. The wife should be thanking her lucky stars it isn’t her body in the morgue. Usually these dogs choose to victimize women, children, and the elderly.

    I wonder what kind of condition this 62-year-old man was in. 62 is not elderly by any means but a person could be infirm at a younger age.

  5. I’d love to see pictures of the dog. Many folks have a basic idea as to what they believe a certain dog should look like.

    One individual thought a purebred GSD was a mixed breed because his tail was not ringed on the end. Yet that is a fault.

    Besides, pitbulls come in every color but merle. Pitbulls with cropped ears look different than those with uncropped ears.

    How about the level of education of these folks? If one is promoting pit bulls, that would be a good reason for not calling a pitbull a killer.

  6. I don’t really understand why they would be so concerned and hostile about its breed! Dog just killed their family so why care about the breed instead of the guy who was bitten to death by a vicious dog no matter what its lineage! Unless of course it’s not family and just a pit nutter troll pretending to be family!

  7. Friends and family with a preposterous need to set the record straight?

    That should explain the inaction of the police: sensing instant closure and obligingly wrapping the investigation of this “accident” up.

    20 seconds of wash, dry hands with the death certificate, sign it and toss it into the trash bin, move on to drop the next basket of fries into the fryolator.

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