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40 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Dogs While Walking in Residential Neighborhood in Selma, California

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  1. Bulldogs were bred for the ‘sport’ of mauling bulls to death.
    Can you imagine being mauled to death by these ugly monsters?

    • For some reason some people decided that since it’s illegal and cruel to bait bulls, why not raise man killers?

    • Colleen, thank you for this outstanding article. The video and screenshots of the dogs were great, and you got them before some were removed by the kennel. Way to go!
      Do you know if any of the dogs were taken down by Animal Control or initially by the police?

  2. These are the ugliest most pathetic horror show of dog breed that I have every seen. The temperament of a pit bull and the health problems of the English bulldog.

    • The AKC bulldog has such severe breathing problems that most would pass out from lack of oxygen on a sustained attack. Maybe that’s why they make great skateboard dogs.

      • I was thinking that w their stubby legs, bulldogs have a low center of gravity. Thus their ability to keep their balance on a skateboard.

    • I once had a friend who had English Bulldogs and bred them occasionally. He said they cannot mate naturally and must be artificially inseminated. Also said they cannot whelp naturally and must have C-sections to give birth (meaning a female can have maybe 2 litters in her lifetime).

  3. Please excuse my French. What ugly, portly dogs! Murderers too. Gross!

    If each of the Four Brothers had leashed one dog from terrorizing the neighborhood, then there may have been no death site.

  4. LOLOL. The mutant looks like the woman owner wrapped its neck in rabbit fur, giving it an even more grotesque look than if it didn’t have a neckpiece. Could it be that the fur ruff is actually the real thing, growing around its huge head? This reminds me of a previous commenter’s brilliant term “Frankenmauler.”

  5. Quoting from this post: “It is unknown if the dogs have a history of getting loose or behaving aggressively.”

    To which I say: People, if you see loose dogs in your neighborhood, make a report. Yes, I know. I’m telling you to call that useless waste of taxpayer money called animal control, but do it.

    The purpose is twofold:

    1. To inform the dog owner that such behavior will not be tolerated.

    2. To establish a paper trail in case the dogs get loose again and attack someone.

  6. The GoFundMe donations are so low, they aren’t asking for much. If only everyone saying this behavior is not how English Bulldogs normally behave should donate as a show of solidarity for the ones that DON’T have aggro bulldogs instead of victim blaming this man because he fell prey to these grotesque dogs. The breeder was aiming for the old Victorian era bulldog that is well covered in art and photos from that era, full of bulldog warnings.

  7. “preserving the true essence, structure and temperament of the English bulldog,”
    What a statement! Another pit owner who’s a legend in his own mind. The physical condition of these bow legged mongrels is plainly awful not to mention the temperament.
    No one should be breeding pit bulls at this point. There is no reason when they are glutting shelters and rescues. Laws should have been passed a while ago mandating spay and neuter for all bullies.

    • We have mandatory spay/neuter for pitbulls, here.

      They’re still breeding them. These people don’t listen and don’t adhere to any laws that apply to them. When caught out they just whine and crybully and phone the media complaining that they’re victims.

      Instead of mandatory spay/neuter, it might make more impact that if the pitbull is over 7 months and it hasn’t been spay/neutered, it is automatically confiscated.

      Perhaps that will get through the thick skulls of those who don’t comply.

      Sorry I sound cranky but at this point, we have BSL and they’re showing up everywhere.

      • How would this good plan be implemented?

        Your post: “Instead of mandatory spay/neuter, it might make more impact that if the pitbull is over 7 months and it hasn’t been spay/neutered, it is automatically confiscated.”

        1. How to know the pb is over 7 months?
        2. Apply to loose dogs only? Or any that Animal Control could catch under any circumstances?

        I want to see all loose dogs captured and euthanized by police/animal control. For these two community services to keep tiptoeing around is infuriating.

        Manslaughter by pitbull continues without reversing the shocking legislation of lifting pitbull bans and of designating BSL.

        • Probably a better word for the first responders would be “constrained.” For them to be constrained by complex legislation set in place by city councils kowtowing to the powerful pitbull lobby forces the first responders to tiptoe around rather than expeditiously dispatch pitbulls.

        • Oops…a big clarification needed before someone clobbers me.

          My post should have read “the shocking legislation of lifting pitbull bans and of NOT designating strong BSL measures.”

          Some BSL measures do seem weak and ineffective, like muzzling dangerous dogs. Why not ban the animals entirely based on their high kill rate? While I would want a pitbull to be muzzled as I pass it on the sidewalk, I would much prefer not to encounter it at all. I am guessing the weak BSL measures are due to the strength of the pitbull advocates. Compromise doesn’t seem like a good idea given the rising rates of slaughter of innocents.

        • Oddly, the problem here isn’t loose pitbulls, for the most part–although I understand that in other areas, that’s a major problem.

          These pitbulls have homes. They drag their owners down the streets on harnesses, with no collar in case they need to be choked off their prey and no muzzle–which is the law. Many aren’t neutered, also the law.

          The problem is that animal control is not enforcing the law and when they do, they give extra chances and the owner will often alert the media, then crybully until they get their own way and A/C comes off looking like the bad guys, just for enforcing the law.

          For BSL to work, there needs to be ongoing advertising campaigns as well. Most people here don’t even know there’s BSL any more or even in vague terms, what that entails.

  8. English Bulldogges are generally known for their stubborn but friendly, if wheezy, demeanour. Genetic wrecks, yes–which would be fixable mixed with beagle or something should anyone care to bother.

    These pitnutters just can’t help themselves. Not only do they have their mutant murderous mutts, they can’t stop themselves from injecting their defective genes into every other breed line of dogs they come across.

    Now another poor fella is dead over it.

    If the pitbull owners aren’t stopped, nobody will want a mongrel because the risk of pitbullery will just be too high.

    • The Olde English Bulldogge and the AKC bulldog which is commonly called English are not the same breed. The AKC bulldogs have narrow windpipes and frequently closed nostrils. They often struggle to breathe and some require permanent tracheostomies just to live. Over 70% have bad hips, but they probably don’t notice their bad hips. Most would not be able to sustain an attack due to their breathing difficulties.

      The Olde English Bulldogge is more the type of dog England used for bull and bear baiting. They are bigger and stronger. They have the grip but not the breathing problems of the bulldog. They have the power to maul and kill.

      My first eye surgery was done today. What an improvement!

      • Rachel, I have already posted too much at today’s article. But I cannot close without saying “Good news!” to you. And here you are posting already.

      • YAY Rachel! Glad to hear your eyesight is improving. w00t w00t

        Maybe we should just call the genetic wreck British Bulldogs, Winston Churchill dogs as he’s the one that made them famous.

        Also, English bulldogs (Winnie dogs) can’t breed properly and have to be delivered via c-section because the puppy heads are too big for the dam to deliver. When an animal is that messed up, it’s generally not a good idea to breed more of its kind.

        • You know when you can’t mate on your own and can’t give birth on your own I think that is mother nature telling you to hang it up.

          No wonder they have genetic problems.

  9. In these early morning hours, my jaw did indeed drop open as I realized the irony of Hutch Barry’s death.

    The link given by Colleen’s report of “cross and a candle” of Hutch’s memorial gives us insight into the tragedy of his death to his family. This possibly solo man was a key part of his brother’s family. Hutch’s brother Ronny Barry has ALS and cannot walk. Hutch came over every day to sit w him and provide respite care for Ronny’s courageous wife Teresa. Teresa was the first one to jump in to protect Hutch from the pitbulls, suffering bites herself. Teresa and Ronny were driving by and spotted the attack.

    The loss of Ronny and Teresa Barry’s brother was caused by purposely bred bully-breed dogs owned by the Four Brothers Bulldog Kennel.

    Ronny has lost his brother. May the Lord comfort him through this profound loss.

    • Please look up Toadline bullies.
      These dogs should have doggy wheelchairs. They shouldn’t be dangerous I think they would be safe pets. They look too crippled to move.

      • I want to modify what I said earlier. Although I think many of the Toadline bullies are too crippled to be dangerous, some appear to have sufficiently decent structure to be capable of attacks. Besides, their mental drive to attack could be insane. Intelligent dogs would not have attacked bulls, as they would have recognized those attacks were stupidly dangerous to the dog’s well being.

        • I can’t believe people have a fondness for these ridiculous looking creatures called Toadline Bullies. They belong in a FREAK SHOW!!!

    • That is so sad! It is inexcusable that people cannot safely move down the street and complete important tasks (like respite care) because uncaring neighbors choose killer pets.

      I always think after these tragic attacks: let’s just exchange the killer dog with any other dangerous pet. So let’s imagine a 8 ft long pet python. If this same man was attacked and strangled to death by his neighbor’s escaped huge snake, what would be the reaction? A national news story + a public outcry against keeping giant pythons. The locals would naturally feel frightened and disgusted that someone even had a python capable of killing an adult. More than likely local legislation would address the issue.

      But a dog capable of and killing an adult…”ah well, the dogs have the biggest smiles and they’re so happy.” Pythons don’t smile, but if they could have a big sloppy grin while they’re strangling their next meal, I’m sure they would—because they are doing what they are designed to do.

      • BH, this imagery is disturbing to some. Sometimes the families of those mauled come to find solace here. We have heard from them here.

        It seems I may have offended you. My apologies. Do not take it out on others please. It is hard to unsee something. Thank you.

      • I think that dog worship is a big reason why these attacks don’t get treated with the seriousness they deserve. Snake worship? It’s nowhere near as widespread in our society.

      • What you say is true, BH. If this were a python, it would be national news and result in public outcry and demands for legislation to outlaw the keeping of such pets. For 20 years I kept a ball python, his maximum length was 4.5 feet. And EVERY SINGLE TIME someone saw my snake, they made the comment that it was dangerous. Yet if I had been walking around with a breed of dog designed for fighting and killing, most people would have said, “Awww! What a sweet baby!” I see the same thing played out in the life of a young father I know who is somewhat of a public figure. He has a small non-venomous pet snake and often takes photos of his children with it. Pictures on Facebook get tremendous backlash, with people telling him he’s putting those children in danger by letting them keep a snake. But if he posted a new pit from the animal shelter, everyone would tell him what a great dad he is for getting a good dog for his kids. (Turns out this young man does not have any interest in getting a dog, and despite having several other fine pets such as birds, guinea pigs, a rabbit and reptiles he is given grief for his lack of a dog.)

        People don’t realize how much the media has programmed them to think that fighting breeds of dog are not only a safe choice, but a good choice. Flower crowns and sad Dodo videos can do that to people.

  10. Very good job to find the information that the report that they were English Bulldogs was false. These backyard breeders working to make bigger meaner dogs need to be stopped.

  11. The youtube video has great footage. That stupid lady inside the house screaming while the police are taking her dogs away. At 2:40 she screams, “My baby’s dead!” I know she didn’t shed one tear for the man her dogs killed. Please may the owners of these dogs face real consequences.

    • The owner may have paid thousands of dollars for these dogs and she probably loves them. She didn’t keep them and the public safe. Some they will be destroyed. I have always kept mine safe. When one of my GSDs was accused of biting a woman at a show, a lot of witnesses including me said it didn’t happen.

  12. Do we know what the woman inside was screaming about? I can hear terrified “Help me!” but the rest is garbled (at least to my ears).

  13. I wish the police would stop using tasers and bean bags on suspected killer dogs.

    If you can’t control your dog and it attacks someone be prepared for the cops to remove it in a Hefty bag.

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