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32 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Baby Dies After Attack by Relative's Pit Bull in Marion County, Mississippi; Mother Shares Story

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  1. I’ve been following posts on this little girl and have been looking for news stories. How does this “just happen” without some sort of media response? If this were a hot car death, a faulty crib, an outright murder, a _____ (fill in the blank)… there would be not just a news story but also public outcry.
    I too followed the trail back to her sister’s page and found “Ace” and assumed this was the attacking dog.

    In reading the medical updates, it’s chilling to read this from the sister: “One team is working in the arteries in her neck and the other team is trying to reattach the one ear that we were able to save.” Just consider that for a moment. The ONE EAR WE WERE ABLE TO SAVE. The implications of this are just horrifying.

    Another post says, “I know we are not suppose to question God, but I can’t help but to. I don’t understand why he would allow such a tragedy like this to happen! We just lost our mama 3 months ago and now this. Why, why, why!!! Life is so unfair!!!”

    How does one blame God and ask “why” when a dog that was bred purposefully for unprovoked, explosive aggression does what is in its very nature to do? Do we ask why a Beagle tracks? Or why the Border Collie herds? Or why the Dachshund digs? Of course not. So asking why the Pit Bull kills is not the real question. The real question is this: “Why was a dog bred specifically for killing allowed access to a helpless human?” When other (normal) dogs attack, you don’t have to hope that you can can find both ears so they can be reattached. The answer to this aunt’s grief-laden question of why this happened is simple but socially unacceptable… it happened because she CHOSE to have a dog breed that was made for attacking at any sign of weakness, for gripping and tearing, for doing the most possible damage. And when she had qualms about keeping that dog, she didn’t send him on to another home. That’s the answer to the why. Breed choice is the answer.

    I feel terribly for this family. They obviously loved this beautiful little girl very much and the despair they feel at her loss is unimaginable. But there is no need to ask why in this case. The dog did exactly what it was made to do, and it chose this child. The bigger mystery is that it doesn’t happen more often than it does.

    • What I don’t understand even from the ones giving updates is the total lack of mention of how this happened. They had 1000 people praying for the little girl but did those praying know why? All that activism in prayer should be going to preventing this from happening again. I don’t think more than a few know this happened from a dog attack. And I agree where is the media coverage? If it had been an alligator or a shark, world media coverage.

      • Unfortunately, Lyn, it does not take long at all for a Pit Bull to do catastrophic damage like this, especially to a tiny human. In many cases children have been attacked while sitting in a caregiver’s very arms, and once the dog has gripped on the only reliable way to get it to release is through lethal force. Often no amount of kicking, hitting, yelling, pulling, or anything short of fatally wounding the dog will make it release, and even if it did, they go right back to the attack again. That is of course what these dogs have been bred to do… to do as much damage possible and to hold on despite any pain to themselves. I’ve seen videos of multiple strong men trying to get a Pit Bull to let go of a dog or human, and it’s really to no avail. So just because there is such terrible damage to this child does not necessarily mean she was unsupervised. And sometimes the dogs are so fixated on their initial target that those trying to stop the attack may not have any wounds at all (although many dogs will redirect to another target in a rampage attack).

        If the attacking dog was “Ace” that’s pictured on the aunt’s webpage (that photo is mysteriously gone now), the dog was huge. I doubt a room full of adults trying their hardest could have gotten him off before lethal damage took place to little Lola. I’m wondering how the attack was stopped, and if perhaps the dog was killed by the family either during or right after the attack. If police had been called in to stop it I think there would be more likelihood of media coverage. But that’s all supposition.

        When my daughter was 6, she was attacked by my sister’s dog. Zero provocation. She was sitting on my sister’s lap within arms’ reach of myself and another adult. She asked to pet the dog, which was sitting in front of them. “He’s fine, go ahead,” my sister said. After a few moments of gentle patting, the dog leapt up and gripped my daughter’s face. It was lightning fast. Because he was a “normal” dog and not a breed bred for tenacity and gripping despite pain, he let go when my brother-in-law kicked him. If he had been a Pit Bull rather than a large Cocker Spaniel, I don’t think we could have stopped him before he either horrifically maimed or mortally wounded my little girl. Her injuries were not very severe (she does have facial scarring), but this taught me that these attacks can happen (1) without provocation (2) in the presence of caring adults (3) at a speed in which no human could intervene. Thankfully, because this dog was a normal non-fighting dog breed, I did not have to learn a number (4) that nothing can stop a Pit Bull short of death, by which time the child could have already suffered lethal damage.

        So often we hear Pit advocates say that you have to properly supervise your children around dogs, which is of course true. (Ironically they also promote Pits as “nanny dogs,” so that is confusing.) They blame many child deaths on a lack of parental attention. But many of these attacks occur with parents right there, helpless to stop it. I can’t remember the exact case, but on this site you will find a little toddler girl named Triniti, I believe. Her mother was on the phone with emergency dispatchers for MINUTES while her boyfriend’s Pit Bull “Kilo” mauled and killed her daughter. You could hear the anguish in her voice as she wailed at him to stop, as she tried stabbing the dog to no avail, as she pounded helplessly on his body while the life drained out of her little girl. Minutes of trying to get that dog to let the baby go. And almost certainly, “Kilo” was happily wagging his tail the whole time because he was fulfilling his purpose, just as a Lab is happy to retrieve or a sled dog breed finds joy in running. Pit advocates need to admit that parental supervision is not the answer… the answer is that people stop bringing these dogs into their homes.

        I’m sorry for the loss of this little girl and just wish that others would have the opportunity to see the truth.

        • Cocker Spaniels are so bitey. Their rep proceeds them too. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have had cockers that bit and injured people, 5 off the top of my head.

      • Colleen, Do you know if ER doctors are required to release dog mauling info to poilice like they are required to do with a gunshot or stabbing wound? I live in MS, in a county near this one. I would hazard a guess that this was not reported to the police. I heard about this on Friday, Feb 4. The person who told me had read it on Facebook. I don’t do social media, so I googled WDAM, the television station in Hattiesburg which is about 30 min from Columbia. WDAM covered pit bull attacks in the area in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2016. But NOTHING about this tragedy. I knew that if the story were true, you would have it here eventually. Thank you for the work you do.

      • I don’t know the actual circumstances of how this baby was attacked. But it is quite petty to feel the need to share that this mother is some how responsible due to past drug use. It’s my understanding that she turned her life around, so what is the point? Also, since you’re related to Lola’s biological father, where exactly has he been during this tragedy? You didn’t reveal that he’s currently incarcerated for possession/distribution now you? If you’re going to tell tales…tell ‘em all. Bottom line, this terrible tragedy was just that…a tragedy. These dogs are bred to kill and shouldn’t be allowed around children. Hopefully, when the time is right, Wendi will become an advocate for educating people about attacks of pit bulls. For now, she and the entire family need grace, love and all our prayers.

      • I don’t think the two women could have done much to prevent the babies killing TBH, the murderous dog would have attacked them too but I hope they at least tried to intervene? This story is just incredibly sad, the media, too frightened to report on pitbull attacks are just shameful…if I were an editor, it would be front page news, alright

      • They do it to protect the image of the breed. The pit cult is a child sacrificial cult. They only care for these demons.

    • You said it so eloquently that I have nothing really to add. I will say that the fact that there is no news coverage of this is astonishing. Have we become so hardened that events like this don’t even trigger one local reporter to cover the story and ask “what happened?”

      • Here’s the reason why: The Dog Industrial Complex. If a local reporter dared to ask what happened, the Dog Industrial Complex would descend on him/her like a pack of pit bulls.

        There’s a conspiracy of silence around this issue.

        • The deep irony is that pit bull fans near universally claim that the media have a “vendetta” against their breed. It’s one of their most common talking points.

          • I’ve been following this horrific story on FB, too. There was a local reporter on that FB thread asking for the mother to contact her for updates. Looks like that didn’t happen (yet?). When it comes to news, they want an interview…someone has to talk on camera to get the story. Otherwise, it may be a shot of the street/house/file picture of a pit bull with a voiceover, and in this case very little information. What I wish we could see is an interview with the the EMT’s, the doctors who tried to save this precious girl…someone who could say on camera this breed is LETHAL. Brave pediatric surgeons have begged parents to not let one of these timebombs in their homes. We just don’t hear it often or enough. When I see a picture of an adult owner who has died, it’s too bad too sad. But the faces of children! Oh my God, heartrending. When I worked in TV, we were always told to put a face on a story. We see in Lola, a lost future, a broken family and the inability of people to understand how many innocent children have been and will be sacrificed at the altar of ignorance and denial. God bless this sweet angel.

        • Bob, those are my thoughts exactly. A seven year old was killed around 90 miles from my home in Roanoke VA last week…covered there but not here. The media had become inured to these tragedies.
          Bonny Lee

          • Teresa-i totally agree about interviewing the medical care providers who have to care for the innocent victims of pitbulls. I wonder if it’s because of HIPPA.

        • Yep. That and the fact that main stream media cannot be trusted to report anything without putting their political spin on it, and put bulls have become political. If I had to guess why, I’d say there’s a lot of money in the pit business and the propaganda pushing goes with it.

      • Don’t expect the continuing “Pet Of The Week” story to be cancelled on local TV news websites.They’ve been pushing these killers without let up for years. It’s appalling to see dogs such as “Ace” being peddled away. Dogs that could just as easily and unemotionally kill young children as they could fetch a tennis ball.

        Look at that thing. You see one just like it almost every week being touted as “full of luv” and “needing a fur-ever home”.

        Such rubbish. How someone can work for a news media outlet and push this ridiculous trash. The money trail must include highly immoral people in desperate need of earning a pay check by any means necessary.

        BTW…Great comments, Sellis. It’s too bad you couldn’t be a news anchor/writer.

        • Many local news stations entered into the “pet of the week” agreements with shelters decades ago when the vast majority of shelter dogs were family breeds and Heinz 57 mutts.

          • Perhaps a reference list of news stations that are “murder mutt friendly” could be posted here on DBO.

            Local to me, WTNH has their “Pet Of The Week” which alternates weekly between a cat and a pit bull.

            Also caught an Indianapolis station a few months ago giving celebrity status to the owner of “Lucci’s House Bully Rescue”. The reporter and news segment treating her like a shining example of Hoosier hospitality and community involvement.

            Probably didn’t cover the mauling of 84 year old Loretta Mae Moore only days later, done in by one or more of her “graduates”.

            I feel news stations and reporters such as these deserve recognition apart from one of those journalistic awards that seem to be passed out annually like Necco candy sweethearts.

      • I didn’t talk to the news when they reached out cause I was focused on my daughter who was fighting for her life!! I don’t know much only what I was told I was at work I was not there! And I have legal issues going on so I cannot say a lot! Cause I am FIGHTING FOR MY CHILD!

        • Anyone with half a brain should have been able to figure out that your child needed you at that time more than you needed press coverage. They work so hard to blame the victims. So sorry!

    • “I don’t understand why he would allow such a tragedy like this to happen! We just lost our mama 3 months ago and now this. Why, why, why!!! Life is so unfair!!!”

      oof…God(or evolution or whatever other deity) gave us intelligence above that of any other animal on the planet but you gotta use it. We know what these dogs are and what they do

  2. Poor Lola died because of her aunt choice of dog breed a vicious pit bull. This wouldn’t if her aunt chose a dalmatian Basset hound Border collie .Lola pay the ultimate price .because her selfish aunt owing a pit bull.

  3. I am making a prediction.
    As news coverage of attacks becomes rarer the same lobbyist who for years have said “DBO is inaccurate becase they rely on media reports!!” will turn around and say “Media coverage proves pit bull attacks are rarer than ever!!!!”

    I fear the attacks have ceased to be news worthy becase they are so common. A little girl being flown to the hospital in pieces to later die isn’t particularly novel anymore. News has become infotainment and stories that wont generate a buzz are ignored.

    Then their is the more sinister possibility that pit attacks are being purposely ignored by media. With so much consolidation in media you would only have to get the agreement of a half dozen people or so to hide a particular kind of story. Play up the “dog racism” angle and TV news would gladly downplay pit attacks.

    • So many medical personnel, police, EMTs, firefighters have been deeply affected by the catastrophic injuries they find on victims.
      Oddly enough, what I have read so far about animal control officers, is that their sympathies are often w the dogs. And their government websites show a pitbull photo, or even the animal control officer posing w a pitbull.

  4. I am only just hearing of this attack. Wow, a baby was killed yet again by a monster dog and barely anyone is saying a thing. This is disturbing. Rest in Peace to the baby girl.

  5. What a horrific tragedy. This poor little innocent baby, being attacked, and mauled to death, by a pit bull is sickening. It breaks my heart.

    As far as the pit bull breed goes, I do not trust them for one minute. I don’t care what a loving, and sweet baby, people call their dogs. I do not trust them. They can snap in a matter of moments, and for unknown reasons. I’m tired of hearing about how sweet their pit was, just prior to it attacking, and dragging a victim around like rag doll, relentlessly mauling and eating them alive. I don’t care who raises them, I don’t care about their sweet temperament, at the moment. Any animal that can randomly, without any provocation, take down a full grown adult, and kill them, has no business amongst us.

    You can love your pit all you want. Tell me all about it not the dog, but the owner. Tell me all about how they were nanny dogs. Tell me how stupid I am. It makes no difference to me. What I care about are the innocent human beings who are attacked, maimed, and killed because someone’s so-called “sweet baby” went into a frenzied, vicious, relentless, unstoppable attack that ends up in the death of an innocent human.

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